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I started Raising Emily back in 2014 as a way to document the whole of my pregnancy, I wanted something to look back on no matter the outcome of the pregnancy. Before Emily was conceived we actually suffered three miscarriages - making her our rainbow baby. I was absolutely terrified to be pregnant but wanted to remember every moment. I had no idea that when I started my blog four years ago how much it would grow. It has become a really big part of my life, and I'm so grateful I started it.

Raising Emily is an online diary, a place full of family memories, essentially it's all about our lives. I have recorded the good and the bad, from my ongoing battle with postnatal depression to the fun family days out. I also documented my struggle with hyperemesis gravidarum in the hope to raise awareness of just how debilitating it can be, and now share our lives living with a cows milk protein intolerance.

I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands, and I still enjoy my blog just as much now as I did when I started it. I have also really been working on my photography, something that is a really big passion of mine. Ultimately it's about us, and our journey.


Steph.. (Me)
I'm Steph, the person who writes this blog and is a little obsessed with behind the camera and capturing every moment I can - much to the annoyance of Sam. I used to work as a full-time care assistant in a residential home, I absolutely loved my job and it really is something I miss doing and hope to go back to full time. The long 12 hour shifts and expensive childcare makes it difficult for me to return, and it just makes sense for me to be a stay at home mama and soak up the young days before my little ones go off to school. After all our journey to become parents wasn't the easiest.

I have always loved writing and love that my little corner of the internet has become a memory book for us as a family, to be able to look back on. I'm not shy about saying that my life hasn't always been as easy as it is now. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalised anxiety disorder when I was quite young. Luckily I had lots of support and love from most of my family, and friends. This has allowed me to learn to manage my illness better, and take each day as it comes. Unfortunately, I also got diagnosed with antenatal depression and postnatal depression during both pregnancies, something that I openly talk about and document because I don't want people to feel like they are the only person struggling.

I'm often found in the kitchen baking with Emily, something that I absolutely love to do, and try to make time to do often. I also love to be outdoors, and we are often out walking and exploring new places - of course, my camera always comes with me.

Sam and I have been together for five years, although it does feel like a lot longer than that. We got engaged in 2013 and have actually put out wedding back 3 times - one day we will get to say I do. He is my soul mate, the man of my dreams and best friend. Despite all my issues and problems, he decided to stand by my side, through the good and bad. Something I can never thank him enough for. He is an amazing father to our girls, and they both adore him - typical that I have two daddies girls.

While I do annoy Sam with my constant picture taking, he is very supportive of my passions and willing to help me in any way he can. He works in IT which has actually come in handy quite a few times, as he has always been able to fix my laptop when it was broken (thank god). He is a little bit of a video game geek, has a really good taste in music, and is a little bit obsessed with looking at new cars we are never going to buy. I love that he has such a good sense of humour and constantly makes me laugh, but most of all I love that he is my partner in everything.

Emily.. (Emnem)
Emily is our firstborn, who was born in 2014. She's a September baby, meaning that she won't go to school until she is just shy of 5 years old. Something that she really dislikes as she wants to go now. She is a feisty, determained and stubborn little girl.

Naturally, she's the furthest thing from girly we could have got, but we wouldn't change her, she is obsessed with being outdoors, and mud. She loves any kind of vehicles and wants to be a doctor when she is older. She's the loudest in our family, and really energetic, she never sleeps and is constantly running around. She is very kind, and affectionate and has great empathy considering her age. No matter how your feeling, she is guaranteed to make you laugh as she is very comical and very dramatic. She loves ballet and anything to do with dancing or singing. She also makes the most incredible big sister.

Isabelle.. (Isabug)
Isabelle is our second little rainbow baby, who we feel so lucky ot have. She was born in July 2017, and her lucky number is clearly 7, as when she was born it was all 7's. The date, the time and even her weight.

She is going to be trouble when she's older, well she already is. She's a fiery little redhead and is so incredibly stubborn. She gives her sister a good shove when she has something she wants - something we are currently trying to get her not to do. She has the most beautiful hair that everyone comments on, and really infectious cheeky smile to go with it making it incredibly hard to say no to her. She absolutely adores her big sister and constantly tries to copy everything she does. I know that as they grow their relationship and bond is just going to continue to grow and I can't wait to watch it.

She's currently very attached to her mussy, it goes everywhere with her, and she won't sleep without it, she is also a real daddy's girl. Whenever Sam is home I don't get a look in. She definitely has completed our family.

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