Sam and I wanted nothing more than to become parents, after three miscarriages I found myself very isolated and angry at the world, which had a knock on effect on my depression. Finally, at the end of 2013 we found out we were expecting, but little did we know this time it would change our lives. I started blogging about my pregnancy because of no matter the outcome I didn't want to forget a moment.

On September 12th, 2014 I gave birth to our gorgeous baby girl, Emily Anne. My rainbow baby, She's become the light of my life, and my whole world in one tiny little person. I started documenting all of those special little moments, her first smile, laugh, crawl and steps. Taking as many photographs of her as possible as I don't want to miss a moment.

I have struggled with antenatal depression, post natal depression and crippling anxiety, but against all odds, we decided we wanted to extend our family. That is where our journey for baby number 2 started, sadly we had another miscarriage, which was hard, but we got through.

In November 2016, we found out we are expecting again - much to our surprise it is another little girl! We are thrilled to be extending our family once more. This pregnancy hasn't been easy. I have struggled with mum guilt, hyperemesis, and extreme weight loss, but I have been documenting it all along the way - just as I did with Emily because I feel so thankful to be having another little rainbow.

Gender Scan (16 weeks) | Antenatal Depression
4D bonding scan (29 weeks) | Preterm Labour (32 weeks)

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