Easter Egg Hunt

I've been a little bit absent from my blog lately, I seem to drop in and out at the moment for no other reason than we have a lot going on as a family, with health and things and that will always be my priority in life. However I am trying my best to get back to my little space because I miss it, and I feel like I really just need the creative outlet to blurt things out when I need to. This weekend we decided to do the girls easter egg hunt, I normally do it the weekend before Easter, purely because we don't have a garden and we tend to go to the girl's nannies house the weekend before Easter.

This year was the first year Isabelle was able to join in, last year she was a little young and she didn't really grasp the concept of collecting eggs. It's also a little difficult as I had filled some eggs with dairy-free chocolate, and some with normal chocolate - meaning I had to be really aware of what she was picking up. I had labelled all of Emily's eggs with an E (these contained normal milk chocolate). Isabelle's I left plain so Emily would know which ones to hunt out, and I'm happy to say, Isabelle only collected the spotty eggs.

It became apparent while she was egg hunting that she didn't actually know what was inside them, I think she just thought they were plastic eggs. When she sat down at the end to go through the things she had collected with Emily, she shook the eggs and realised there was something inside. Emily helped her open them and she did the cutest little shocked face - and shouted CHOCOLATE! She was so happy, and it makes my heart incredibly happy that I'm able to find dairy free chocolate eggs, and mini bunnies so that she was able to be included in the egg hunt - just like her big sister.

The girls were super happy with their chocolate and little wooden bunnies (From Lanka kade). I know that this chocolate is going to last us quite a while, so I won't have to buy any for a while now. The best thing about doing little easter egg hunts is the smiles on their faces when they manage to hunt down all the eggs and look at their little stash at the end. Those smiles are what childhood is all about if you ask me.

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