Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

With mothers day approaching this weekend, I wanted to show you our homemade mothers day gifts. I'm a big fan of crafting and try to make things as often as I can for the girl's grandparents - mainly because I think that it's nice to have things to look back on. I was kindly sent some paint sticks by Little Brian and thought they would be the perfect thing to use for this particular craft.

We decided to make some windchimes for the girls grandparents, I managed to find some blank wooden ones on baker ross, which are really reasonably priced. I got out the paint sticks and let the girls decorate them however they wished, because they are double sided I let Emily do one side, and Isabelle do the other side. They both had lots of fun creating them, and I added 'nanny' and 'grandma' after. 

The paint sticks were amazing to use, the colours are really vibrant, and they dried on the windchimes perfectly. I was a little worried that the colour would wipe off, but it hasn't. They look perfect. It was really easy to clean up too, as we just had to put the lids on, and there was nothing else to worry about. The girls absolutely love the paint sticks, and we have used them on so many different craft projects.

 Once we had finished Emily noticed that there was one spare one left, and decided that she would like to make it for me, which was a big surprise as she normally doesn't want to make things for me. She then asked to use the sharpie to write 'mummy' by herself. It's my absolute favourite thing and I love it so much. It will definitely be something that I treasure forever.

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