Great-Grandparents & Pancake Day Races!

This week we headed into town, to watch the girls grandad take part in a charity pancake race. He took part in the wheelchair race, and much to the girl's absolute delight he won! The girls loved standing on the sidelines cheering him on, Isabelle was shouting 'go grandad go', and Emily was using my phone to take pictures of him with the biggest smile on her face. When he crossed the finish line, Emily looked at me and said 'I'm so proud my grandad is the winner'. That when it hit me that these are the memories that the girls are going to remember in years to come when they're great grandparents are no longer with us - and just how lucky they are to have five great-grandparents. 

Emily rushed to the finish line to say well done to her grandad, and gave him a big high five, he may have had a tough year last year, but he's still going, and you honestly can see how hard he tries to hold it all together when he spends time with the girls, and I really admire him for that. He never lets anything stop him from trying to play with them, making them laugh, or even just being present to listen to their conversations about random nonsense when they visit him.

After his race, we stayed to watch him collect his certificate and get his prize, which he was thrilled about, and the girls loved being able to stand and clap him. Although he really did just want to get back home to get a pancake, My mother in law did actually buy him one from the stall but he wasn't impressed by it at all. 

Once he had headed home, we went to grab some lunch, I couldn't honestly wait for a cuppa tea as it was quite a cold day - despite it looking really nice out. The girls really enjoyed their lunch and got to have a browse in some shops and a good catch up with their nanny's. Emily even got a strawberry milkshake as she managed to eat it all - so her day was well and truly made! It was such a lovely day, and I'm glad that the girls will always be able to look back and remember the day their grandad won the wheelchair race.

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