Crispy Shredded Chilli Beef

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Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

With mothers day approaching this weekend, I wanted to show you our homemade mothers day gifts. I'm a big fan of crafting and try to make things as often as I can for the girl's grandparents - mainly because I think that it's nice to have things to look back on. I was kindly sent some paint sticks by Little Brian and thought they would be the perfect thing to use for this particular craft.

Great-Grandparents & Pancake Day Races!

This week we headed into town, to watch the girls grandad take part in a charity pancake race. He took part in the wheelchair race, and much to the girl's absolute delight he won! The girls loved standing on the sidelines cheering him on, Isabelle was shouting 'go grandad go', and Emily was using my phone to take pictures of him with the biggest smile on her face. When he crossed the finish line, Emily looked at me and said 'I'm so proud my grandad is the winner'. That when it hit me that these are the memories that the girls are going to remember in years to come when they're great grandparents are no longer with us - and just how lucky they are to have five great-grandparents. 

World Book Day 2019! [Giveaway]

Happy world book day! For the second year running, Emily decided that she wanted to be Miffy. The Miffy books have always been a firm favourite of hers, she literally has more than ten different Miffy books. Any time she finds a new one that she hasn't got, she has to add it to her collection. 

Siblings [March 2019]

Well, it's been a little while since I wrote one of these, I haven't really been feeling like blogging, and whenever I do log in to write, my mind goes blank and I have no inspiration to actually type anything. I've been having a bit of a health struggle and been a bit all over the place lately, but I'm hoping that things are going to start settling down, and I will be able to find a new normal. Especially because I feel as if I am constantly letting the girls down - I've not been able to do all the things that they are used to me doing, or want to do - so while I havent got much to say, I wanted to share these adorable pictures, of my two girls. 
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