Snow Day..

Emily has been so excited for a snow day since before Christmas. The only thing that she wanted for Christmas was for it to snow, and to say that she was disappointed in waiting until February to get a sprinkle of snow was an understatement. She was even more disappointed that we only got a small amount, and then it melted within 12 hours. That being said, we were outside at 8.30am to play in it.

Isabelle outright refused to wear her wellies, instead, she wanted her shoes, she is a little bit stubborn so there was no changing her mind. Last year she was a bit too small to really experience the snow, while we did take her out in it (for all of ten minutes). There was no way she wanted to touch it and just watched what Emily was doing. This year I thought that he would be a little bit more interested, but I was so wrong about that. She loved being on the sledge with Emily and wanted to be pulled around constantly, but as soon as Emily climbed out to play in the snow Isabelle was not happy at all.

She didn't want to walk on the snow when I asked her if she wanted to throw a snowball at her sister she gave me the meanest little look and said 'no mama, snow cold'. Even Emily tried her best to convince her that it was fun, but she was having none of it. Emily on the other hand absolutely loved it, she was a little sad that there wasn't enough snow to make a snowman, as it was all melting, but she did love making snowballs which obviously all ended up being thrown at me. I was hoping that we would get a little more snow so that Emily would get to build her snowman, but sadly we didn't get any more.

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