Slow Sundays

Sundays are my favourite day by far, guaranteed Sam is at home, there is no pressure on us to do anything. We usually potter around the house, doing odd jobs, having a roast, sometimes we go out for walks as a family but usually, we end up staying in our pyjamas if we don't have to go anywhere. These Sunday's, are the days I want to remember.

I mentioned in another post that I've started to scrapbook, and when I was going through my pictures I saw a random one of Emily eating cereal, watching her iPad oblivious that I even took the picture, and it really made me think. I don't take enough of those everyday pictures, the things that the girls do randomly, yet they are the things that I want to remember, they are bound to be the pictures that I end up treasuring most. I also saw a day in the life in pictures on Zoe's blog - my little wildlings - if you don't follow her, go have a look, her photographs are absolutely stunning, as are her children! Which got me thinking, I'm not a photographer by trade, but I'm getting ok at capturing the moment, so I thought why not take my camera with me everywhere for the day, on our slow Sunday, and see how many pictures I manage to snap.

I'm so glad that I decided to do it, as I'm really happy with the everyday pictures that I managed to get, and thought that I might as well share them with you. The girls started the day by playing in there teepee with princesses and cake - obviously, I'm SO lucky that rather than coming straight into our room in the morning and demanding breakfast, they just do their own thing, and are fairly quiet in doing so. Isabelle is getting to such a bossy age, everything with her at the moment is no, and shes so fiercely stubborn that Emily is having to learn to adjust to not leading the play in the direction she wants it to go in. Which does cause a few arguments but luckily they are mainly into the same thing, so there isn't too much friction.

The first thing Isabelle did when she came out of her bedroom was run to the window to check for snow, she was pretty disappointed that we didn't actually have any. Both the girls are a little bit obsessed with snow, especially since we only got a small sprinkling the other day and they didn't get a chance to build a snowman.

After getting ready and stealing biscuits from the biscuit tin, we decided to head to the shop to pick up some bread for lunch. Emily has a thing about cheese sandwiches at the moment, rolls or wraps won't do, it has to be bread or there will be trouble. Isabelle decided that she wasn't going to use her pushchair, I tried to convince her to get in but she was having none of it. I mean as soon as she completely planked and started screaming while I was trying to get her in, I just admitted defeat and let her walk. It took us twice as long as it would normally - because Isabelle feels the need to inspect every blade of grass, bush or flower that we see on the way, but eventually, we got there. Emily got to take her brand new pink scooter that she got for her birthday, and was super excited about using it outside.

The girls then spent the afternoon watching the greatest showman (for the 10 billionth time), playing superheroes and building towers with Duplo - something Isabelle has finally learnt how to do and is so proud of herself for it. I managed to rustle up a roast dinner, we popped the girls in the bath before bed and that was pretty much our Sunday. Slow and peaceful, just how we like it.

I'm so happy with the way the pictures turned out, hopefully, I can pick up my camera and do more of these type of posts as I know that these will be some of my favourite pictures to look back on when the girls are bigger. They are also going to look fab in a scrapbook.

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