Isabelle's at 1.5 years

I'm still in denial that I have an 18-month-old, I mean how did that happen? I know that people always say that the small baby/toddler days go really fast, and I completely agree with that statement, but for some reason unknown to me, time speeds up with your second child, I feel like I've blinked and shes a fully fledged independent, stubborn, feisty, darling of a toddler. I mean how? How did we get here so fast! She is a complete chatterbox, just like her sister was at this age. She honestly doesn't stop talking, it doesn't matter what she is doing she has something to say about it and loves nothing more than giving us a running commentary on what she is doing, and how her play is going.

I often get people assume that Isabelle is older than she is, because of her communication skills, and the fact that her speech is pretty good for her age. It also doesn't help that she is quick to tell anyone who will listen that she is, in fact, two years old already! she absolutely loves to sing too, her two favourite films are Moana and the greatest showman, and she knows all most all the words to both films. She constantly asks for the films to be put on - especially showman lately. She also asks for the soundtracks while we are in the car, there is however only so many times you can listen to it or watch it before you are absolutely sick of it.

One of my favourite things about Isabelle is her confidence and her sense of imagination. She loves pretend play, whether that is making everyone tea and cake, or playing with her Happyland toys, or feeding her babies. Se absolutely loves to get Emily involved in pretend play wherever she can, and her imagination is blossoming. Having a good imagination is one thing I've always wanted and encouraged in my two bugs.

While most people said that Isabelle would copy her big sister, and they would be into lots of the same toys, I have to say that isn't true at all. While they do have lots of similarities, they are very different. Emily used to be fairly shy at this age, once she had warmed up to someone she was fine, but initially, she was really reserved and liked to sit in quiet while she got a sense of the person before speaking. Isabelle is the complete opposite, she will talk to anyone and everyone. She is full of confidence, and I haven't once known her to go shy.

Speaking of Emily, the girls have the most amazing friendship. Isabelle really does idolise Emily, and its pretty much the same the other way around. Emily adores her baby sister too. They are both still calling each other 'sissy'. Emily has been calling Isabelle that since she was in my tummy, and now Isabelle actually calls Emily it. They have there own little games that they don't like us trying to interrupt or join in - such as playing doctors. They do actually share a bedroom, and I often find Emily snuggling with Isabelle on the bottom bunk by morning. Isabelle is so caring towards Emily, If she is given something (for example chocolate) she will ask for a second lot to give to Emily, Emily is exactly the same too, she always asks if she can buy something for Isabelle or if she can take a second lot of whatever she has for her.

CMPA - we are still on the milk ladder, but we are slowly getting there, although we have been stuck in the same place for about 6 months now. Isabelle can tolerate baked dairy and a little bit of grated cheese, but yoghurt, chocolate and milk are still a no go. She won't even attempt to try it, and the last time she had some chocolate, she ended up incredibly sick. She is still under the care of a dietician, but there isn't much advice they can really give me, apart from persisting and trying to reintroduce it every now and then.

Squish is one of the most affectionate children I know, she is the first to run up to you and give you a cuddle if she sees you are a little sad, she loves to sit in the corner of the sofa with her blanket and shouts until someone will sit with her and cuddle. Usually, I find her and Emily sitting in the corner cuddling with the ipad. She will happily give out lots of kisses too - where as Emily wont give anyone a kiss or cuddle.

Isabelle has quite a few nicknames, squish, squishy, squishbug, Isabug, sissy (from Emily), bugs, and belle.

Her sister,
Bunny and mussie
being outdoors
The Greatest showman and Moana
Sofia the first, Mr tumble and hey duggee
Bracelets and necklaces
Pandas and dinosaurs

Being alone

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