Baking With Isabelle

Isabelle or belle as she currently calls herself at the moment is developing such a cute little personality. She wants to do everything that Emily can do, and is getting really independent. Since Emily does her two full days at preschool, I have been making those days, our days. I leave the housework, the washing, and all the jobs I need to do, and just spend the day with her, doing whatever she wants to do. I know that when I look back, I'm going to miss her being this age, the age where she is a little sponge. I don't want to look back and regret that I didn't make the most of our days - just the two of us.

Monday she was pretty upset because Sam took Emily to preschool, so not only was her daddy leaving, he was taking Emily too and leaving Isabelle behind. She didn't understand that he was taking Emily to school, quite frankly she was to busy crying to reason with her or explain. Once she had lots of cuddles and calmed down a little, I asked what she wanted to do. Normally Emily dictates what game they play, or what they do because she's older and Isabelle idolises her so just goes along with it. Today, was a whole different ball game, I half expected her to say colour and Moana - but to my surprise, she said 'baking'.

It actually made me so excited that she wanted to bake with me, Emily loves to bake and cook, and we have done it since she was small, but Isabelle hasn't ever really shown an interest, she, of course, would join in if Emily was doing it, but it's not something that she has ever asked to do. I decided to just go with a simple vanilla sponge cupcake which I often bake with Emily. Isabelle loved mixing all the ingredients together in the bowl, although her favourite part was helping me crack the eggs. Isabelle's idea of helping was to whack the egg at the bottom of the bowl, and let the shell shatter everywhere haha.

We also gave it a good mix on our mixer, just to make sure all the ingredients were combined properly since she wouldn't actually let me use the spoon to mix it. Once that was done, I asked her if she wanted to pick a colour, and she replied with 'pink for sissy' which is what she calls Emily. So we added some gel colouring, and turned our mixture a shade of pink.

Once the mixture was pink, it just left us the task of putting it into cupcake cases. Isabelle picked some blue polka dot cases and added them into the tray before attempting to fill them with the mixture. To be honest, she did struggle with this a little bit, as the mixture is quite thick, so it didn't just drop into the case with ease, but I managed to help her and she was happy enough to let me after she realised that I wasn't going to take her wooden spoon away.

Once they had baked, Isabelle couldn't wait to show her big sister, she was literally beaming with pride, and it did make me question why I never thought to try and convince her to bake anything before now, seen as I always used to bake with Emily at this age. I guess we just get so busy sometimes, It's hard to fit everything in. Seeing how happy she was, and getting to spend some quality one on one time with her was really nice, and something I really want to make more of an effort to do going forward. I just know it's days like this I'm going to look back and remember the most.

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