Christmas Card Pictures

I spent my day taking the most beautiful Christmas card pictures, but when it came to actually editing the pictures I realised that Emily's ear was tucked behind her Alice band meaning it looked like she didn't actually have an ear. So I had to retake them - I also got a few cute ones the first time around which was disappointing. I'm glad that I did have to retake them tough, as the second lot I took I loved way more than the first lot. So I thought that I'd share with you my Christmas card pictures for this year. I actually brought some Christmas card frames in the sale last year, meaning I got 8 for 50p. I plan to use the free print app to print off the pictures, which means the Christmas cards will work out pretty cheap.

I know most people think it's a little lame to do Christmas card pictures, but my girls are growing up so fast, that family constantly ask for up to date pictures of them, and a Christmas card seemed like the best time to give them new ones. I also like keeping one for myself every year to look back on. It's amazing how fast they grow, and you don't tend to really notice it when you see your child every day. I'd love to hear your opinion on it - do you send out personalised Christmas cards?

Before I go, I wanted to share my favourite picture of them all, because Christmas isn't for everyone..

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  1. These photos are gorgeous! I can't believe how grown up the girls look too x


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