Money Saving At Christmas

Even though it is just the start of December, I am happy to say that I am completely finished when it comes to Christmas gifts. Which means I can now spend the rest of December doing lots of fun festive things, without worrying about spending extra money on extra gifts. I had planned to save more this year, and not go overboard with the girl's gifts like I normally do, as I'm a sucker for buying things to keep adding to their list. With that in mind, I thought that I would share how I saved money this year.

Shop in the sales
While this seems like a really obvious thing to do, lots of people don't. The best time to start shopping for Christmas is as soon as possible. I always start in the January sales, for example, I got all of my gift wrap in the sale last year, for 10p a role, meaning I don't need to buy any more for this year, saving me on adverage 90p-£1.40 per roll. It is never to early to start shopping.

Use Vouchers 
There are so many voucher websites out there, such as Groupon, and voucher slug. You can find vouchers for money off for pretty much anything you wish to purchase so be sure to look around, I have saved well over half price on many occasions by simply looking for vouchers

Don't be afraid to Borrow
If you desperately need some cash, don't be afraid to look around for a short-term loan, although the idea can seem a little scary, there are some websites that are pretty reasonable such as CashLady. Loans can actually be a really good way of building up your credit rating score and bridging that gap while you wait for payday. While I personally haven't ever had to get a loan, it is reassuring to know the option is there if I need it.

Keep all of your gifts in one place
Last year I found lots of gifts that I forgot I had purchased, I'd stashed them away in the cupboard out of the way so the girls wouldn't find them, but in doing so I completely forgot about them and then ended up purchasing more things, meaning they had twice the amount of gifts I originally wanted them to have.

Compare prices
There are lots of toy shops such as The Entertainer and Smyths Toys, but don't forget to have a little check in Argos, Asda, and Sainsbury's, as they often have really good toy sales. I got a few pieces at the Sainsburys half price sale, which saved me quite a lot of money, and its definitely worth not ruling out the supermarket shops!

I would love to hear your money saving tips, is there anything that I can do to save money that I haven't thought about?

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