Getting Out & Exploring The Mini Woods..

You know when you just wake up in the morning and feel like you really need to get out of the house, I woke up in one of those types of moods - I guess it didn't help that the girls were content on ripping strips out of each other. So I decided that I'd wrap them up in their coats and bobble hats and then get out, If anything was going to improve our moods, it would be getting outside.

Emily is all about adventures and being outdoors, she loves nothing more than running without having me shout after her to watch out for cars. Isabelle is exactly the same as her sister and just wants to be doing everything that Emily is doing. Now that she is walking, and running she can join in with Emily. There are a mini woods near where we live and it is somewhere that Emily loves to go and explore, although we haven't ever let Isabelle walk down there - normally she is in her pushchair. So this time, I figured I'd throw caution to the wind, and let her out of her pushchair to run alongside Emily, especially as Emily is getting lots better with listening when I tell her to stop running.

The girls had so much fun exploring, they found leaves and sticks which we ended up carrying with us for most of the walk. Emily got us to listen for the birds as she spotted a little handmade birdhouse that someone had put in one of the trees. Sure enough, we heard some little birds chirping along. We then found a tree that had snapped in half and was upside down, the girls were both fascinated with the way the branches looked, they were all wavy and looked really pretty. It did look like it had been there for quite some time.

We had a lovely walk, and it definitely did us all the world of good getting outside for a walk, it calmed the girls down, which in turn meant they had fewer fights when we got home, I also felt lots better for getting outside and doing something rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Self-care is so important when you have depression and anxiety, and even something as small as getting outside can help tons. I also find that taking pictures helps me massively, as it gives me something different to focus on, which is how I ended up with such lovely pictures of the girls.

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