Bonfire Night Firework Display

Monday was bonfire night, and naturally, we wanted to take the girls to a firework display. Both of my girls absolutely love firework, me on the other hand - not so keen but I don't want my dislike to rub off on them so I set it aside and take them anyway. We headed down to a local display at a school, and the girls had the best time watching the fireworks.

I had planned dinner, so luckily we managed to have dinner before we headed out. We had hot dogs with some chips, it was good that I had preplanned because there was a BBQ at the display and I know if we hadn't had already eaten we would have ended up buying sausages there because they smelt amazing. Somehow we managed to avoid getting roped in to buy light up toys for the girls, they were too interested in watching the fireworks to notice that everyone else had light up toys.

We weren't so lucky when it came to avoiding the fairground rides though. My girls are both little thrill seekers, and if there is any kind of fairground ride they want to go on it. Isabelle loves rides so much that she actually cries when it comes time for her to get off, and shouts 'more, more'. I do hope that as she gets older, she will get better at dealing with coming off rides. Emily was so excited to see her best friend at the firework display, they both stood next to each other watching the fireworks go off. They ended up covering there ears towards the end as the bangs got pretty loud. It was safe to say that they both had the best night - well I have to admit they have been talking about it all day!


  1. We didnt manage to go anywhere this year to see the firework displays and usually I am the first one to look for somewhere to go. We did thankfully have a great view from the window x

  2. Looks like you had a great time, so sad we didn't make it to any fireworks this year.


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