A Creative Countdown To Christmas For Children

Every year, the countdown to Christmas starts just after Halloween. In fact, most shops begin to pack Christmas decorations at about the same time they bring pumpkins and skeleton costumes to the aisles, which can create a somehow disturbing ambience. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, you might be thinking of the Nightmare Before Christmas! But ultimately, this approach can somehow ruin the magic of Christmas. First of all, it starts far too early – seriously do you need to think about Santa as early as October? – and it somehow reduces the festive spirit to a commercial farce.

So, if you’ve got young children, you want to provide an alternative countdown to keep them excited about the festive season.

Be playful with your decorations
First of all, it’s fair to say that you want to wait a little before starting your Christmas decorations. As a rule of the thumb, most households wait until the first Advent day – It’s Sunday, 2 December 2018 this year – to hang up the garlands and put the tree in the living room. Let the kids help; it will be a fun afternoon for all of you! Admittedly, decorating the house doesn’t take much than a few hours. So, if you want to keep the fun alive, you can create little playful stories every day – take a look at these elf on the shelf ideas to entertain the kids, for instance. You can also take inspiration from the famous dinosaur prank created by creative parents to convince their kids that the toys came alive at night.

Encourage kids to get creative too
Children want to prepare presents for their relatives too. You can get your little ones to paint on cotton shopping bags – using fabric paints – to create sweet gifts for the grandparents. With a bit of practice, you can even build little figurines or ornaments using salt dough – you only need salt, flour and water to make it work!

Surprise your family with thoughtful little gifts
If you enjoy craft activities, you can make your own advent calendars, making sure that you pack a nice surprise for everyone. You can make embroidered bags – one for each day – to hide sweets and toys for instance. These have the advantage to be quick to prepare and reusable. If you prefer to start new each year, a paper calendar can be a pop of colour in your living room.

Amazing and unique Christmas outfits
Last, but not least, Christmas is the season of festive outfits. Of course, you can’t escape the traditional Santa’s costume – it’s a must to keep young children excited. But if your children are beyond the toddler’s phase, they might not be interested anymore in meeting Santa. They might be looking to look their best for the Christmas day – just as you do. Why not have a chat with them to decide on a festive outfit you can sew for them? Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a professional seamstress to make a good job of it!

How to make Christmas exciting again without falling into commercial traps? With a lot of DIY love, from your decorations to your outfit preps!

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