Money Saving At Christmas

Even though it is just the start of December, I am happy to say that I am completely finished when it comes to Christmas gifts. Which means I can now spend the rest of December doing lots of fun festive things, without worrying about spending extra money on extra gifts. I had planned to save more this year, and not go overboard with the girl's gifts like I normally do, as I'm a sucker for buying things to keep adding to their list. With that in mind, I thought that I would share how I saved money this year.

A Creative Countdown To Christmas For Children

Every year, the countdown to Christmas starts just after Halloween. In fact, most shops begin to pack Christmas decorations at about the same time they bring pumpkins and skeleton costumes to the aisles, which can create a somehow disturbing ambience. If you’re a fan of Tim Burton, you might be thinking of the Nightmare Before Christmas! But ultimately, this approach can somehow ruin the magic of Christmas. First of all, it starts far too early – seriously do you need to think about Santa as early as October? – and it somehow reduces the festive spirit to a commercial farce.

Looking After Your Car At Winter Time.

Since having children, our main priority has become their safety, especially when they are in the car. It took us absolutely ages to decide on their car seats, I spent hours, if not weeks looking at different types of car seats, all of their safety features, and reviews. We finally settled upon one, but I couldn't believe how look it took us to make a choice.

Getting Out & Exploring The Mini Woods..

You know when you just wake up in the morning and feel like you really need to get out of the house, I woke up in one of those types of moods - I guess it didn't help that the girls were content on ripping strips out of each other. So I decided that I'd wrap them up in their coats and bobble hats and then get out, If anything was going to improve our moods, it would be getting outside.

Homemade Grandparent Gifts [Little Brian Paint Sticks]

Every year I make an effort to make a handmade gift for the girl's grandparents. I do find it extremely hard to find gifts for them that I know they will like and use, and I know that they much prefer something that the girls have made and put lots of time, thought and effort into. I was recently sent some paint sticks by Little Brian, some of the fabric paints to be precise and that's when I just knew what I was going to do for grandparents gifts!

My Baby Day's Are Over...

Well, I felt like I needed to come on here and just blurt everything out because I'm feeling a little emotional tonight. Emily was my first, everything she did was a first, all the milestones she hit (and continues to hit) were firsts. With Isabelle, it lasts, as she is our last baby, and we treasure that milestone hitting moments just as much as we did the first time, but in a different kind of way. We treasure them differently because it's the last time I'm going to experience those moments with my own child. She is the last baby I will have, which is a little sad and something I'm still struggling to come to terms with as nothing really beats squishy baby cuddles but I know it is the right thing for me, and our family. My body just couldn't handle another pregnancy - anyway I'm going a little off topic here.

Bonfire Night Firework Display

Monday was bonfire night, and naturally, we wanted to take the girls to a firework display. Both of my girls absolutely love firework, me on the other hand - not so keen but I don't want my dislike to rub off on them so I set it aside and take them anyway. We headed down to a local display at a school, and the girls had the best time watching the fireworks.

Fireworks Biscuits

This week we rustled up some firework biscuits, they are so easy to make and it's likely you already have the ingredients in your cupboard if you wanted to recreate this recipe. Emily actually made the biscuits all by herself, she just needed a little help getting the biscuit dough off the table, as she always messed the shapes up a little when she was trying to pick them up. Emily picked out a star cutter and also a circle one. I was a little bit disappointed that some of the biscuits caught in the oven but sometimes these things just happen, don't they.

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