Witches Potions [Sensory Play]

One of Emily's favourite Halloween themed books is 10 little monsters, and in it, the witches make brews - which is her favourite part of the book. Naturally, with Halloween coming up I wanted to make some witches potions or brews with her, as I knew that she would absolutely love the activity. I already had some water beads which I knew would be the perfect sensory item to go with this activity. I also added in some Halloween props which added to the activity.

What you will need
Water beads 
Some creepy critters - we had some mice, spiders, snakes and a skeleton in a coffin
Mini pumpkin buckets
Spoons for scooping or tweezers.

I left the water beads to soak in water overnight, you can either do this or leave them in water for 4-6 hours. I then popped them into a tray. Ideally, I would have used a clear plastic box but I couldn't find out one that we usually use. I then added the creepy critters and little pumpkin buckets. This activity is fairly open-ended and I didn't want to make it too structured, I wanted to just pop everything in a bucket and let them explore it. 

Both of my girls absolutely loved this activity. Emily loved to pick up the water beads and count them whilst putting them into her pumpkin which she called a caldron. She then made up little stories which explained the reasons why she needed to add in a mice or a spider. I loved that she really used her imagination to come up with these ideas. Isabelle wasn't keen on touching the water beads, I think the slimy texture really put her off, but she did try, touching them a few times, but ended up in fits of giggles. She did enjoy using a spoon to scoop them out and into the pumpkin pots.

Both of the girls really enjoyed this activity and it kept them occupied for a good two hours, which is a massive win in my eyes. They even asked to do the activity again the next day. If you are thinking of recreating the witches potions with your little ones, I would definitely recommend giving it a go.


  1. This looks like such a fun activity! x

  2. I'd never heard of water beads, but they clearly lend themselves to this type of activity.

  3. What a fun activity. I can see why the girls liked it. It's always fun playing with water too


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