Rice Krispie Cakes

Since Emily is at preschool twice a week now, I have been making a real effort to spend time with Isabelle one on one rather than just using the time to get all my jobs done. Something that I have always loved to do with Emily was baking and it seems that Isabelle wants to follow in her footsteps. Whenever I start to cook dinner, or get out the baking ingredients to rustle something up, shes right at my feet asking to help. So naturally, when we had a spare couple of hours while Emily was at preschool I thought that we would rustle up some Krispie cakes.

These are actually one of Emily's favourite things to eat, but I wasn't sure how Isabelle would be with them, as she can be quite funny when it comes to new textures. We had some chocolate laying about in the cupboard which was left over from Easter and it just so happened to be Isabelle's favourite - Moo free orange chocolate. I melted it down in the microwave and then let Isabelle mix in the Rice Krispies. She had such fun stirring them in the bowl, and actually ate quite a lot of it before it even got into the cake cases - but that is just the fun of it.

Once the mixture was completely mixed we then spooned it into some cake cases, I did initially think that she would struggle a little bit with this part, but I shouldn't have doubted her at all. She handled it like an absolute pro! We then popped them into the fridge to set. I decided to let the girls have one after dinner, and Isabelle had the biggest smile on her face when I got them out of the fridge and she got to hand one to her big sister. You could see just how proud she was of them.

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