Picking Our Pumpkins

At the weekend we headed to our local farm shop to pick our pumpkins, we had plans to visit a pick your own pumpkin field this year, but unfortunately, our plans fell through. I didn't mind though, as we still managed to pick up some lovely pumpkins and support our local farm shop. We have been going to the same farm shop for the past three years to pick our pumpkins, so it has become a kind of tradition for us to go there. 

Last year Isabelle was too little to really understand what pumpkins were and what was going on, but this year she wanted to hold the pumpkins herself, although she was convinced that it was a ball and really wanted to throw it at her sister. It did take quite a little bit of convincing that she wasn't to do that. She also got really attached to one of the little orange ones, so we came away with a mini pumpkin as well as two bigger ones. 

Emily loved picking out the pumpkins, they had lots of ghost pumpkins (white ones) this year, which I thought she might have wanted to get, but she was absolutely disgusted by them - she said they were fake. I'm not sure how a pumpkin can be fake but she did make me laugh at the idea. 

I'm a little bit anxious to ask the girls what they want to be carved on their pumpkins this year, as Emily always come up with crazy ideas of different things that they want, and after carving a poppy (from trolls) last year I vowed I'd never do another difficult one. I think Isabelle would love a Minnie Mouse pumpkin though, as she is obsessed with Mikey Mouse Clubhouse lately. 

I'm hoping that next year we get to go to an actual pumpkin field, where the girls can run around, and pick out their favourite ones. I also think the pictures from that would be really cute. I'd love to hear where you get your pumpkins from, do you go to your local farm shop, a supermarket or do you pick your own from a field?


  1. These are lovely photos, I can't believe how grown up the girls look! x

    1. Thank you lovely, they grow up too fast don't they x


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