Halloween Themed Dinner

Tonight we had big plans to make a spooky Halloween dinner, something that we do every year, and every year I mean to share it but I forget to. This year we made it a little early, with Halloween being in the middle of the week it makes it a little bit hard for us, today we did lots of fun Halloween activities, and then finished the day making a spooky Halloween tea, tomorrow we are planning to carve our pumpkins, something I can't wait to do with the girls.

We made mummy puff pastry pizza's, and mummy hot dogs. I also made the girls a little bowl of chips, and some bbq potato Halloween shaped crisps which I found in Aldi, and some pumpkin patch swirl cakes.

Mummy puff pastry pizzas.
I used a circle cookie cutter to create some circle shapes out of the puff pastry, Emily and Isabelle then used some pizza sauce (tomato puree) to spread over the circles. They then topped it with cheese and then used some leftover pastry strips to create bandages. We then popped them into the oven for 20-30 minutes.

Mummy sausages
This wasn't actually planned but we had some puff pastry strips left, we decided to just wrap them around some sausages that needed using up. We then popped them in the oven alongside the puff pastry pizzas.

Both of my girls love a picky dinner (Emily's word for it), so this kind of dinner always goes down really well, they both really enjoyed the mummy pizza's - they were definitely the girl's favourite thing. The BBQ potato shaped crisps were really yummy too! I wish I brought two packets of them.

Do you ever make a Halloween themed dinner? I'd love to hear your ideas if you did.

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