Halloween Jelly Sensory Play

I used to share out craft and sensory play on my blog often, but somewhere along the line, I just didn't share as much and I really miss sharing my craft ideas. I love nothing more than crafting, cooking or messy play with my girls. I had previously tried jelly play with Emily last Halloween, but she wouldn't even touch it, she is a little funny when it comes to textures - so I was interested to see how she would react this year. 

I made up some jelly following the packets guideline, it was fairly straightforward if I'm honest. I then popped it into a big pyrex dish and added some creepy crawlies and a couple of skeletons. I then popped it into the fridge to let it set. 

Once the jelly had set I didn't really do anything else with it. I simply added two small spoons, so the girls had the option to scoop it, or to use their hands. They were both a little hesitant to touch it at first and scooped out chunks of jelly. They did become a little frustrated that they couldn't scoop out the creepy crawlies, so abandoned the spoons and used their hands to dig into the jelly. 

The girls really used their imagination during the jelly play, Emily especially, she made up stories about how the creepy crawlies got stuck in the jelly and had Isabelle in fits of giggles from the different sound effects she was making. They both enjoyed burying the creepy crawlies again once they had got them out. The more they played with the jelly, the easier it was for the girls to tip the jelly, and scoop it using spoons as it becomes thinner.

I was really surprised that neither of the girls tried to eat the jelly, I know they are not really keen on the taste of jelly, but I thought that they might have been tempted. They both ended up playing with this for the best part of an hour, and the only reason they stopped was that the jelly was really watery and once it was mainly water they lost interest in it. I would definitely recommend this activity though, both the girls loved it and would love to play it again. 

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  1. Love this ! Although I reckon the girls would prefer to eat the jelly then find the spider! :)


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