Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy [review]

Emily is a little television addict, she would happily sit and watch it all day long if we let her, Isabelle seems to have followed in her footsteps. One of Isabelle's favourite programs to watch is Teletubbies. She is a little bit obsessed with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala and Po. Just like her big sister was. When we were contacted by Character Online to review an amazing new toy from their Teletubbies range, I knew that Isabelle would absolutely love adding a new Teletubbies to her collection so of course, I said yes.

Isabelle was lucky enough to receive the Tinky Winky Sensory Soft Toy, and instantly fell in love with it, It was perfect timing as we were actually due to go away to Butlins the same week as she received him to meet the Teletubbies - she was in awe of them when she met them and surprisingly wasn't scared like I thought she would be.

The Tinky Winky encourages children to explore different textures and encourages the development of their gross motor skills. It's made from multi-textured materials, bright colours and different patterns. It also encourages tactical awareness and sensory explorations for little ones and is suitable from birth.

Isabelle's favourite part of Tinky Winky is the reflective mirror on his stomach. She loves to look at herself, and also constantly pats it to make the light shine off it as it bends. She also loves the gentle chiming sound that is created when you move him about. She loves to hold him by the triangle on his head and shake him up and down. The body is knitted, making it snuggly and soft to the touch. Tinky Winky's arms are made of a soft sink material that crinkles when it is touched. His ears and feet are also made from the same crinkly sounding material.

I love that Tinky Winky has a hard face like the other toys Isabelle owns, as she loves to give them kisses and bite their noses and because it has a hard face, I know she won't damage it by doing this. You can tell that great thought and care has gone into creating this perfect sensory toy. It is definitely a huge hit in our household, and I've even brought another as a gift for my godson for his first birthday.

The Tinky Winky Sensory soft toy retails at £24.99 which I think is a really reasonable price for the toy, its available from the character online website here. There are a few other toys in this range, which we actually saw when we were on holiday in Butlins, such as the stackable Po and Dipsy pull and retract.

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