Happy 4th Birthday Emily!

Dearest Emily,

I can’t quite believe that we have a four-year-old, I’m not sure how we got here so fast but I couldn’t imagine you being any different to how you are now. Your independent, loyal, loving and caring. Your little sister is your best friend and it seems that you will do everything with her, and even include her in the activities that are a little too big for her - which melts my heart. I love how much you love her, and I know that she loves you just as much as you do her.

Your birthday this year seems so different to the previous three. It wasn't just us as a little family celebrating your birthday, you had a room full of your closest friends and family all there to celebrate with you. Seeing how many people came to celebrate your birthday with you made me realise just how lucky you are to have such a lot of people surrounding you. I have always been really worried that you would be like me, and find social situations hard, or making friends hard, but we couldn't be more opposite if we tried, you light up a room just by walking in - I often joke to your daddy that you could start a conversation with a lamppost if you tried. Your one of the most caring and loyal people to have as a friend and that really shows just by how many lovely people you have surrounding you. 

This year just passed was such a big one for you, there was so much change and yet you handled it like an absolute pro. You started preschool, ballet, and you've grown so much as a person. You're the most amazing big sister, and have such a wonderful sense of humour, although it does often remind me of your daddy. The two of you are like two peas in a pod and find the same things hilarious. I'm really thankful that you and I still have quite a good relationship, even if we are banging heads a little at the moment because you think you are always right - which I can assure you, your not. I love having you by my side and miss you so much now that you are at preschool, It won't be long before I'm applying for your school place. something you are so excited and ready for, yet something I'm terrified about. There is no doubt in my mind that you are completely ready for school, you want to learn, your constantly writing little notes, or your name everywhere (including our walls). Your curiosity for knowing how things work doesn't let up, and you want to learn how to do everything by yourself which doesn't surprise me all that much as you've always been super independent.

Your imagination is continuing to grow and blossom, it's one thing I hope that you never loose, it's lovely to watch you and your sister play with all of your little toy figures, acting out things that have happened, or making up stories about them, what they are doing and who they are. I hope that no matter how big you get, you never lose your imagination and it continues to grow with you. Watching you start ballet this year, and seeing how much you love it hasn't surprised me at all, you absolutely love dancing, telling stories and singing, that it wouldn't surprise me if you end up wanting to work on stage.

I hope that we are doing you proud, I hope to teach you to be kind and caring always. I hope that you are always as polite and well mannered as you are now and that you keep your curiosity for life. To embrace your creative side, and express your emotions rather than bottling it all up. I hope that you will always be independent and never follow a crowd. Most of all I really hope we can teach you how important it is to show the people you care about you love them because no matter what you plan or set out to do in life, the ones that matter are the ones you care about. Most importantly, I hope you know that no matter where you go, or what you do, so long as you are happy, and doing something you love - that is enough for your daddy and I. As you grow, I hope that you will always trust in me with your problems and secrets, I want to be your mama and best friend - always and that will never ever change.

Happy fourth birthday gorgeous girl. Being three was such fun, and I hope that your fourth year is full of happiness, adventures and memories. You continue to make us proud daily.

I love you Emnem. 

Mama x

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