What's In The Girls Holiday Bags

We are away on holiday in a couple of weeks, and I thought that I would put together a bag of things for the girlies to play with, and keep them occupied while we are there. I always pack snacks, and a few of their toys into our bags to take with us so they have something to play with in the apartment but I wanted to pack them their own little bag of things to take with us as a treat.

While there is a 2 and a half year gap between Emily and Isabelle, they are pretty much at that stage where they are into the same kind of toys, and want to play with the same kinds of things, which makes packing a little bit easier, as I can take half of the things I normally would and they will just share everything.

First up I picked up two colouring books from the pound shop, I knew the girls would love these, especially as they came with a bunch of stickers. I picked up a fairy one, and a farm one. I also included two packets of their Melissa and Doug crayons. These come in a super handy case, and both of the girls adore playing with these. Fruit bowl kindly sent us a bunch of little snack packets to include in their bag. Emily has always loved the yogurt covered raisins and will actually pick a packet of these over a packet of chocolate. While Isabelle can't have yogurt coated ones as she is dairy free, she did enjoy the raspberry fruit snack bars.

Both of the girls have always been little bookworms, so I added in two sets of little library books. Hopefully having two sets in the bag will defuse the arguments but I do know better and I can guarantee they end up wanting the same book and arguing - it always happens. I absolutely love these little books and always pick up a packet to add to the girl's stockings at Christmas time. In their holiday bag, they have the Teletubbies little library, and the In the night garden little library.

We were kindly gifted a few products from Rhythm108. These snacks are not only really tasty, but they are also dairy free (and gluten-free) meaning they make the most amazing treat for Isabelle. We have already tried a few of these and she absolutely loved the super coconut chocolate bar.

The last thing we included were some of these amazing Scentco products. Emily absolutely loves stationary, nothing makes her happier than some new pens and an empty notebook. They were kind enough to send her some scented smarkers, glitter gel smens, and some coloured smencils - all of which have proven really popular with Emily, she absolutely loves them! I was really surprised that the scent of the products was pretty strong, and even when you drew on paper, you could still smell the various different fragrances. Not only do the products smell good, but they are also good for the planet as the smencils and smarkers are made from 100% recycled newspapers!

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