Vampirina Bootastic Backpack [Review]

Emily was lucky enough to be sent some new Disney junior Vampirina goodies for us to review and she couldn't wait to try them out. As you can see from the look on her face, she was super excited! 

She was most excited about the Vampirina Bootastic backpack set as she currently loves to play schools, and this aided her play brilliantly. It's also been her favourite thing to play with lately, the set includes a hard plastic backpack which is a direct copy of the one Vampirina wears in the program, glasses, a light and sounds necklace - which lights up and talks, hair clips, a bag hanger and two small sheets of stickers.

The Vampirina bootastic backpack is opened by pushing a button on the top and then flicking down the back panel. It did take Emily a little while to get the hang of opening the backpack, but once she had done it a few times she got the hang of it. I did find that sometimes it did get a little stuck and you really had to pull it to get it to open, which is what Emily struggled with. Apart from that, the backpack is fab. Emily loves that is quite deep meaning she can store all the accessories that came with the set inside, plus a few of her other toys. 

The Bootastic backpack has an RRP of £24.99 and can be brought from all good toy shops. You can also find it here from Amazon.

Emily also recieved the Disney Vampirina spooky scooter set. There are two spooky scooter sets to collect, Vamprinia with Gergoria and Poppy with Wolfie. Each set comes with a posable doll, scooter, pet and skateboard.

She was absolutely delighted to get the Vampirina set! Vampirina stands confidently on the scooter, and you can push her along. You can also attach the skateboard with Gergoria on the back of the scooter so that they can ride together which was something Emily absolutely loved to do. It was nice to be able to take the figures off the actual scooter/skateboard as it meant Emily could play with Vampirina with her other toys, to create her own imaginative play scene.

You are able to move Vamprina's head from side to side, her waist twists and arms move up and down so she is able to grip the handles. Her legs, however, don't move but this hasn't been an issue for us. She has a little hole in the base of her feet which slots onto the scooter.

If you have both the Vampirina and Poppy spooky scooter sets, you can mix and match the scooters and skateboards which really appeals to Emily.

The set retails at £11.99 which I think it really reasonable and can be found in most toy shops, you can also find them on Amazon. Vampirina here, and Poppy here.

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