Siblings [July]

My girl's relationship seems to have really changed lately, they are both scrapping a lot more than they previously were. I'm not sure if it is the fact Isabelle is a lot more independent and on her feet lots more, or because Emily is on holiday from preschool, but it's driving me absolutely bonkers. They are still really loving towards each other and do get on really well, but they just seem to fight over the same thing constantly. I don't think that the age gap between them helps in the sense they are kind of into the same things, but Isabelle is more about bashing things and carrying them around, whereas Emily wants to sit and play using her imagination and she doesn't get much chance to with Isabelle stealing the toys as soon as she turns around.

Emily seems to be enjoying the fact Isabelle is a lot more mobile though, she is constantly showing her things that were once out of her reach - like the play toaster and microwave in their kitchen. Isabelle loves to follow Emily everywhere she goes and has shown a real interest in helping her whenever she can. Emily's started to teach Emily how to use the iPad to which worries me a little because I can see us having to invest in a second iPad soon.

We have been on lots of adventures lately, we went on holiday to Hemsby, we have been to the Zoo for Isabelle's birthday, and to Gulliver's land too. I can't wait until Isabelle is a little bigger to be able to go on the rides with Emily, as I know Emily is really excited about that. I am glad that we were able to give Emily a sibling, as they absolutely adore each other for the most part.

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