Puddle Splashing & Flower Hunting

Today the weather seemed to turn, the sun disappeared and the rain I've been wishing for just started to fall and I couldn't of been more excited about it if I tried. I absolutely love the rain and as much as it was nice to have such warm weather, I was so happy for a break in it. Emily has been whining and moaning for the past couple of weeks as there aren't any puddles for her to jump in. We had tried to create our own by chucking water on the floor but it been so hot that it literally just evaporated in seconds. Leaving me with a really grumpy child - with an attitude cause you know she's a threenager.

As soon as it started to rain today I knew that she would want to go outside to splash in the puddles. I wasn't expecting there to be as many puddles as there was though, or it to rain just as hard as it did. Isabelle actually fell asleep on our walk, so it was a bonus - although it did mean we were walking around in the rain for a good hour while she was napping in the pushchair, and I didn't get a chance to get many pictures of her, I literally can't wait until she starts walking and can join in on the fun.

Emily had the best time though, we went and found some flowers as Emily wanted to see if the raindrops would fall off or they would sit on the flowers. We also found some muddy puddles and she compared the difference between the two. Although we both ended up getting a little wet, we had a lovely time. Sometimes it's the little, everyday things that turn out to be the best things. I also managed to get some really lovely pictures of Emily. 


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