PlayMais Mosaic [Review]

Emily was recently sent some PlayMais mosaic sets to try out, naturally, she picked the mermaid set, as she is currently obsessed with mermaids. Before writing this review I hadn't actually heard of PlayMais before which is actually a little bit of a shock because we absolutely love crafting in our house, and these are right up our street. 

PlayMais sticks by just getting it a little damp with water, in the set it comes with a little piece of orange felt. You simply wet this, ring it out and then wipe the little shapes onto it, and push them onto the paper. It is really simple but so effective. Emily loved being able to push them onto the card templates to make mosaics. It was also really good for colour matching, and getting her to recall her colours, especially as there are various shades of the same colour in the box. 

Emily absolutely loved playing with these, and I was really impressed - so much so we actually brought another set for one of Emily's friends for their birthday, and we hope they love them just as much as we do.

Playmais promotes creativity and aids in the development of children, it is also a natural product that is made from corn grits and water. The corn is grown close to the processing site and any organic matter left is used as fuel for the company biogas station. How cool is that?

There is a whole range of various different products which are suitable from 3+ years. Emily has actually asked for one of the 3D sets for her birthday.

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