Isabelle's First Time On The Beach

We recently took the girls on holiday to one of our favourite places, Hemsby. Which is about five miles from Great Yarmouth. It's somewhere Sam and I have always gone, we have pretty much gone every year since we have been together. We stayed in a friends caravan and had an amazing week, it was even better because we had absolutely amazing weather. I never expected it to be so warm, but I'm glad it was because we had a really lovely time.

Isabelle has been to the beach before, but she was only about 3 months old, so she didn't have much of a clue what to expect. Emily is a real beach baby and loves the sea, and the beach - she'd stay there all day long building sandcastles and splashing if you let her and I guess I was kind of expecting Isabelle to be more of the same. I couldn't have been more wrong though. When we first walked on to the beach she started screaming, she didn't like the idea of the sea and wasn't terribly keen on the sand either. As soon as we put her feet on the sand she started to cry and wanted to be picked up straight away. Our first trip down to the beach literally lasted five minutes with Isabelle.

I did persevere though and took her down a second time. This time she seemed a little happier. She was really upset about the sand to start with - and the sea was a complete no go. I laid out a picnic blanket and sat her on that rather than the floor with the hopes that she'd be a little calmer. I was right, she happily sat there with her bucket and spade bashing it together. Eventually, she gained enough courage to touch the sand, and after a little while, she actually started to enjoy herself. She loved putting the sand into her bucket and Emily enjoyed showing her how to make a sand castle. Eventually, she ventured off and started following Emily around crawling on the sand. She still wouldn't go near the sea, but I'm glad she at least got to enjoy the beach and we got to make some amazing memories as a family. I can't wait to go back next year, and hope that because she will be a little older, she will enjoy herself more.

As you can see, by the end she was SO happy to be on the beach, and absolutely covered in sand.

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