Sylvanian Families Designer Studio [Review]

I'm sure it goes without saying, but Emily is a huge fan of Sylvanian families, she loves nothing more than collecting the various sets. They're adorable, and appealing to children of all ages, they are great for encouraging imaginative independent play, and for me, they are a toy that you never really grow out of. Here you can find our previous reviews of the Ballet Theatre and Starry Point Lighthouse.

Emily was recently sent The Designer Studio from the new Sylvanians Town collection. The town collection has a bit of a Edwardian feel about it, full of pastel buildings with arched doorways, beautiful details and the clothes are far fancier than the usual traditional style the rest of the Sylvanian collection wear.

The designer studio comes with a gorgeous lilac three-sided building, with opening doors and spare fence pieces to put on the sides or front. It also comes with some accessories such as a chaise lounge, a table, a plate, fruit pie, knife, cup and saucer. It also comes with Stella the chocolate rabbit, who just so happens to be a fashion designer - She is gorgeous with a fancy purple dress, and a bag and hat to match. Stella's dress is actually exclusive to the set and different from that of the town girl series chocolate rabbit older sister. Emily's favourite characters have always been the chocolate bunnies, so she was delighted that Stella was included.

As always the quality of the toys is amazing, and Emily absolutely loves them. The building is sturdy and so far the door hasn't come off, a playset usually lasts five minutes before the door gets pulled off by Emily's little sister (1 year). The characters are easy to move, and Emily has had no problem making Stella sit down on the chaise lounge. The clothes are also very well made, and I have confidence that they won't rip easily like some of the other dolls Emily has. She has already undressed and redressed the bunnies countless times with no problems. 

She was also sent the toy poodle set. This comes with a toy poodle figure - Laura who is a chocolatier. She also comes with a handbag accessory which Emily loves as it means the two figures can swap bags occasionally. The toy poodle is of amazing quality just like the other Sylvanian toys, she is dressed in a beautiful soft pink dress which has a fashionable belt. Emily has really enjoyed incorporating her into her play, and the two characters have been sharing the designer studio since Emily received them.

Overall, as always we are really impressed with the quality of the Sylvanian Families toys. Emily has been playing with them non stop and they are great for getting children to use their imagination during independent play. I would really recommend them to everyone. I personally love to sit and play with Sylvanian families with Emily.

You can buy the Sylvanian Families Town range from all good toy shops including online here: Designer studio and Toy Poodle. You can also visit the official Sylvanian families website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with their new releases.

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