Parent Groups & Sports Day [Ordinary Days]

Emily has been attending a group on a Tuesday morning for quite some time now, it was actually a really big deal for me to take her, as I'm sure you know if your regular readers I really struggle with social situations, it sets off my anxiety and my PND so I have just tended to avoid baby/toddler groups. However, that seemed to change slightly when Isabelle was born. I didn't want to be that mum who was stuck indoors for fear of going out and to put it bluntly I was so lonely because I was at home most of the day by myself, with the girls and I didn't really have any mum friends. I never thought I ever would have mum friends. Now when I look back on it, I really regret not pushing myself to go sooner - Emily has made some absolutely lovely lifelong friends, some of which will go to the same school as her next year, and I think that I have made some mum friends too - although my social anxiety does make me doubt that quite a lot of the time.

This week was Emily's sports day, She hasn't ever had a sports day, and I didn't know how well she would do. I knew she would join in as she is a complete show-off, but I did worry about how competitive and stroppy she would be. Even though the little sports day was just for fun, I knew she would take it deadly serious and on the way there she said 'Mama I have to be really fast so I can win the races'. True to form, she did actually win her little race, and the only person who cared that she won was her. She is also incredibly proud of the medal that she had won.

The day was absolutely gorgeous weather-wise, we seem to be having lots of sunshine lately which I am incredibly glad of and I really hope that it sticks around as we are away soon, and I really desperately want to get some cute beach pictures of my girls. Isabelle is obviously too young to join in with sports day, but she did have fun watching the bigger kids run around, while she was sat with her little bestie. She also enjoyed playing with the bean bags and hula hoops once the big kids were done with them.

Overall they had a really lovely day, and I'm glad that I started going to group, as I've met some amazing, supportive and strong women, who I hope I will be friends with for many years to come. If your like me, and scared to go to a group, just do it, what have you got to lose? It took me many attempts of going and turning around at the door before I actually went in, but once I did venture in. I felt amazing and was so incredibly proud of myself for doing it.

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