Our Holiday - Hemsby, Great Yarmouth

I just want to say a little sorry right at the beginning of this post, as it's going to be quite picture heavy. I took a lot of pictures while we were away in Hemsby, and I love so many of them I really struggled to chop it down. We had an absolutely amazing time, we went for 5 day, 4 nights and I didn't want to leave. I didn't think that the girls would settle as well as they did in the caravan and thought we would be in for sleepless nights, but we honestly tired them out so much during the day that they slept like a dream. 

Emily loves Hemsby, she has been there before and remembers the beach, and the arcades - of course not many children are going to forget 2p machines or prizes. We decided not to tell her where we were going through so it would be a complete surprise when we pulled up. I packed up the car the night before, so she had no idea that we had a boot full of stuff and would be staying there. Once we pulled up onto beach road, her eyes lit up and she was so excited. She couldn't stop saying thank you, and 'I love it here'. Isabelle, of course, was mesmerised by all of the flashing lights from the arcades, but obviously didn't have much of a clue what we were doing there. We are incredibly lucky that we have friends who own a caravan in Hemsby, meaning it's not too expensive for us to visit - we all know how fast those costs can build up when you go on holiday.

We spent most of our time on the beach, and I'm sure we brought back half of the beach back to the caravan with us. Emily has always loved the sea and tells everyone who will listen it's her favourite place to go. That really showed on this holiday, as she cried when it was time for us to leave, and wanted to stay and play in the sand all day long. Isabelle wasn't so keen but eventually, she warmed up to the beach. The sea was a completely different matter though, she wouldn't go near it, hated it and cried any time you tried to get her to go near it. 

While we were there the girls made use of the fair, Isabelle definitely discovered her love for fairground rides on this holiday, she loved sitting next to Emily on the merry-go-round, even if it meant that I had to sit next to her just incase she tried to stand up. She also cost me a bomb on the iggle piggle ride. Luckily there were two seats so the girls could go on together as that saved me a little bit of money. Emily also loved the trampoline this year, she has been asking for one for a long time, but we don't have a garden - so it's not really an option for us. The two times she went on them before she was completely put off them. She cried to go on them, jumped for two seconds and cried to come off. This time she cried because she didn't want to come off - it's funny how much they can change in a short amount of time, isn't it.

I had been saving up all of our 2p's for holiday, so when we went the girls actually had about £6 in 2p's already. I thought Emily would get completely consumed by the fact there were lots of things she could win, and wouldn't think about Isabelle - but she ran straight up to a machine that had little dinosaur figures in, and said 'I want to play this one to win a dinosaur for Isabelle'. Isabelle is a huge fan of dinosaurs, whenever she sees one, she starts to shout 'rawr' and reaches out for it. True to her word, she actually won her a little dinosaur, although I had to go back later that day to win her another one as she lost it and I didn't have the heart to tell Emily.

Emily then set her eyes on some TY handpainted paw patrol figures. The only catch being they are a complete surprise and you don't know what you are going to end up with. We did let her play it though and she managed to win two out of the machine - a Skye, and a Zuma. She was absolutely made up with them, and they now have pride of place on our shelves at home. She also won some tickets, I saved them all up for our last day, it wasn't until the last day I realised you could swap tickets for the paw patrol figures. Emily ended up trading in 900 tickets for three figures. She hoped that she would get three different ones, but sadly she ended up with three rubbles. It wasn't too much of a big deal though, as she gifted one to a friend, and Isabelle stole another one. 

Isabelle was a little obsessed with the fact there were lots of balls for sale, we actually ended up buying her three different ones, as she kept asking for them. She got a pink one that smelt like strawberries which brought back lots of childhood memories for me - does anyone else remember those? We also brought her one of a clip, so we were able to attach it to the pushchair and she loved being able to kick it and throw it about. 

Emily also fell in love with the air hockey machine, and she was actually pretty good by the time we left. She managed to beat both me and Sam. We did, of course, go easy on her but towards the end of the holiday - and the about 5th time she had played it - we didn't need to. I honestly think this was one of the best holidays we have had. Both the girls had an amazing time, we didn't stress, and the girls were really well behaved aside from a few tears because rides had ended. They ate way to much ice cream and ice lollies, but thats what holiday is for right?

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