Opening Gifts & Birthday Cake

I have to admit that I am a little bit sad that the weekend is over, we had the loveliest weekend making memories as a family, and celebrating Isabelle's first birthday. We actually decided to do presents and everything on the Friday, because we decided to go out for the day on Saturday and it didn't seem fair for Isabelle to open her gifts and then not have a chance to play with them, I also knew that she wouldn't open every single one. After all, she is only one, I knew how tempting the one package she'd opened would be and knew full well that our little feisty bug wouldn't want to open anymore and I was completely right.

Emily was at preschool on Friday, and Sam was off work, so Isabelle got the chance to have both of our undivided attention for the morning (we ended up picking her up early), and we even got to take her out for lunch, which was something that we had wanted to do, although the whole time we both felt guilty and wished we had Emily with us - even though if we had of asked, Emily would have said no I'm going to preschool - and Isabelle spent the whole time looking around for Emily saying 'sissy, sissy gone' and looking deflated.

After lunch, we picked up Isabelle's number one balloon, which is a little bit of a tradition in our house, and then headed home. We let Isabelle open a few of her presents but she wasn't all that interested, she just kept asking for Emily, which is why we decided to go and pick Emily up early. Luckily Emily was fine with it, as normally if I'm even five minutes early to pick her up she makes me wait outside until shes finished her story or until her friend's parents are there.

Once Emily was home, she helped Isabelle rip open a few gifts, and that's when Isabelle finally started to show an interest, I think she finally realised that there was a toy inside, it wasn't just paper. She pretty quickly got the hang of opening them soon after, and if she got a little stuck she'd pass it to her big sister to help, which melted my heart, they really do have the strongest of bonds. It's safe to say she got absolutely spoilt with gifts. She is extremely lucky to be surrounded by supportive and loving people. I'd love to say she had a favourite gift, but to be honest she loved everything she opened, she's such a grateful child. Honestly, you could give her an empty box and she'd be thrilled with it.

Later in the evening, her Auntie Toni came to visit, to bring her gifts and we then did her birthday cake. Isabelle went all giddy with the biggest smile when everyone started singing happy birthday to her - she wasn't so keen on the cake though, definitely a savoury girl like her daddy. She did love feeding it to Emily though. I think she had the best day she could of possibly had, she definitely had big smiles all day long. For her actual birthday, we went to visit one of our favourite zoo's - paradise wildlife park, but I will share that in a separate post, for now, I'll just leave you with these gorgeous pictures - Happy first birthday Isabug.

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