Isabelle's Cake Smash

Isabelle's first birthday is coming up really fast. When Emily's first birthday was approaching I knew that I wanted to do a cake smash for her. Simply because I thought that it was a nice way to capture some memories and it will be nice to look back on. I decided to do a cake smash with Isabelle as I absolutely adore my pictures of Emily.

This time though, I had a heatwave to contend with, my poor cake was an absolute mess because my icing was literally just falling off the cake. Next time I'm definitely not going to use buttercream - I say that but I won't be doing another as I'm not having another baby. I think that cake smashes are a lovely way to commemorate the first birthday, but I do know that many people don't like them.

I thought that the cake smash would work out perfectly for Isabelle, as she is quite destructive and loves nothing more than crushing and smashing things. It never seems to work out that way though does it? Isabelle didn't like the taste or the feel of the cake, she just kept trying to crawl away. Once Emily sat with her, and showed her that she could smush it - Isabelle really started to show an interest. Thank god for big sisters hey.

I actually couldn't find a 1 candle, so I used the letter candles - Isabelle. Instead, I'm actually really impressed with how the pictures turned out. I actually prefer the name candles to the number candles.

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