First Birthday Gift Guide

With Isabelle's first birthday drawing closer, I have been thinking about the perfect things for her first birthday and thought I would share with you a few of the things that we have actually purchased for her. I found it really hard to find items for Isabelle as she has a big sister who has most of the toys Isabelle would have liked, so I didn't need to repurchase things. 

First up is this ball pit. The girls already have one but its ripped and isn't in very good condition. I adore this fabric one, as it's padded meaning the girls won't hurt themselves jumping in, and as Isabelle is currently learning to walk, if she was to fall over in it, there is plenty of padding for her. It also comes with Grey, White and Pink balls which I absolutely love. 

All children love baths and Isabelle is no exception to that statement. While we do have a few bath toys, they are looking a little worse for wear and I desperately wanted to replace them. I saw these gorgeous Escabbo fish bath toys and this little set which came with two-star fishes and a fish that you can use as a water jug. They are really good quality and I know that they will be well loved by both my girls.

I have been wanting to get Isabelle a little play mat for the longest time, especially because we are constantly playing in the garden and blankets always get rouched up, causing people to trip. When I saw the 'say hello' play mat by Baby sensory I knew it would be the one I had to get for her. This activity mat is bright, it has a mirror, teether and peek-a-boo flap. It is soft, and quilted making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Tickets to a show always go down a treat, and the weekend after Isabelle's birthday we had planned to take her to see In The Night Garden Live in Birmingham. The show features all of the well-known characters from the show such as Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, and Makka Pakka.

If you are a regular reader you will know I'm a huge fan of wooden toys, I think they are brilliant, they stand the test of time, and a boisterous toddler. Isabelle is obsessed with cars at the moment and I know this Play box garage from Scratch will be a huge hit for her. It's compact and is the perfect open ended toy. I know it will encourage her imagination, and get lots of use.

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