Celebrating Isabelle's First Birthday At Paradise Wildlife Park

Turning one is a big deal, isn't it? I'm a big believer that when my children are all grown up, they are going to look back on our days out, and the memories we made, rather than what presents they got. We had actually planned a trip to cebeebies land at Alton towers for Isabelle's first birthday, but it was so hot that we decided to give that a miss, as I couldn't imagine queuing for 45 minutes plus with two children when it is really hot. They would both be miserable and I know they wouldn't have enjoyed it as much.

Instead, we packed up a picnic and headed to one of our favourite places, paradise wildlife park. I knew that there was something for both of the girls here, and I wasn't wrong, they both had the absolute best time. Isabelle loved looking at all of the animals, getting her first taste of an ice lolly, and playing on the swings in the play area. Her absolute favourite was, of course, the walk with dinosaurs. She is a little obsessed with dinosaurs and was rawring at every dinosaur we passed on the walk around.

Emily's favourite was the parks, and seeing the zebra - that is, of course, her favourite animal - aside from bunnies. She also loved the splash park, which we didn't get to use on our last visit. The only problem we had was there was no shade for us to sit in whilst we watched her play, and it got really hot really quickly. She had an amazing time though, even though the splash park was packed.

Overall we had an amazing day for Isabelle's first birthday, I know that she enjoyed every moment of it, and we finished the day with cake. If you want to read more about the park, I'll leave our review here from last time we visited - but for now, I'll just share our photographs from the day.

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