BRIO Race Car [Review]

Isabelle was very kindly sent this BRIO racing car to review. Brio is a brand that is well known in our household, both Sam and I had Brio train track when we were children, and naturally, when we were looking for train track for the girls it's the brand we gravitated towards. 

Just like I predicted Isabelle absolutely loves the racing car. It's easy to grasp and push along, making it perfect for her age group. She had lots of fun pushing the car towards Emily, and getting Emily to push it back to her again. She also loved holding onto the car and spinning the wheels with her fingers. 

While it is suitable for 12+ plus, I think it is one of those toys that will grow with your child. Emily equally loved the racing car and she is almost four. They do play with it in different ways, for example, Isabelle is interested in just pushing it and playing with the wheels - whereas Emily likes to play with it with someone, pushing it back and forth something that Isabelle hasn't completely got the hang of yet but in time I'm sure she will.

 The toy is made of wood and is completely natural. I love that it comes in a variety of bright colours too. It retails at £7.99 which I think is a completely reasonable price for the product.

Overall, the Brio race car gets a big thumbs up from my girls. They both equally love it, and I'm sure that they will get lots of play out of it.

We have kindly been gifted the BRIO race car in exchange for our honest opinions.

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