Siblings [May 2018]

I never actually set out to take these pictures, it was just a random spare of the moment thing, and do you know what - I think that makes them 10 times better than they would have been if I planned it. Emily is a little bit obsessed with blossom, she has been for the longest time. She constantly asks Sam to shake the tree so it will fall and she can catch it. So while we were on the way to baby and toddler group, we walked past one of the churches close to us, and the blossom trees has dropped quite a lot of blossom, Emily ran straight up to it and started to pick pieces up to show Isabelle - with that in mind I took her out of the pushchair and sat her on the floor so she could see it too.

Isabelle was thrilled, she loved picking up the blossom and throwing it and Emily, and Emily loved throwing it back in return. We sat there under the trees for a good 15-20 minutes. Just enjoying each others company, giggling and talking about blossom. While we were late to toddler group, that was fine with me, because it was adorable watching the girls bond and laugh.

Emily started preschool this month, she goes two full days a week, and Isabelle isn't happy about it at all. From the moment we get home after dropping Emily off, she is constantly looking around for her, calling out her name and gets very upset when she finally realises she isn't here. It is nice to spend some one on one time with Isabelle but it's very clear she misses her big sister, even though I try my best to distract her, she still isn't even completely happy. I'm hoping that as time goes on she will adjust and enjoy spending time just us two. 

Emily has taken to preschool like a superstar, she has settled right in, and is really enjoying herself. She comes home full of excitement and stories about what she has been doing, and who she has been playing with. She is already a bag of confidence so I knew that starting preschool would be a breeze for her, and luckily I was right. Her favourite two things about going to preschool are the fact she gets to take a packed lunch with her - in her superhero lunchbox. The highlight of her month when she got to pick out a lunchbox. The other thing she loves is they have an amazing wooden slide and play gym - which is perfect for Emily as she loves nothing more than climbing.

The girls bond has shifted slightly, they seem to fight a little bit more now than they did before. Not properly fight, but more like I want that give it to me. Isabelle is at that stage where she wants everything everyone else has, and Emily remembers all of her old toys that Isabelle has started to play with so she tries to steal them away from Isabelle. It's innocent really, but boy do they shove each other and pull hair. God knows what they will be like when they are teenagers. 

Isabelle has developed a real personality, and it turns out she's not all that similar to Emily. They both are fiercely stubborn, but asides from that they couldn't be more different. Emily is very happy to play by herself, whereas Isabelle wants constant interaction and looks for Isabelle constantly. I think that Emily does get to the stage where she is fed up a little bit and doesn't want to play with her anymore, but she does play with her for good chunks of time. I'm hoping that now Emily is at preschool Isabelle will have no choice but to play by herself sometimes. 

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