Isabelle's First Shoes

Today I took Isabelle to get her first pair of shoes, I have been wanting to take her to get her a little pair for a while now, but I just hadn't got round to it. Lately, though she has been more keen to be on her feet and hates to be still. She pulls herself up on the furniture and is constantly trying to walk around it, so I knew that it was time to get her some, naturally, I took her to Clarks, as it's the place I took Emily to get her first.

The lady who measured Isabelle's feet, Bethan - was absolutely lovely, Isabelle is fairly shy compared to Emily, and it took quite a little bit of warming up before Isabelle would even let her measure her feet. She wasn't fazed by this at all though, she sat next to her on the floor, talking to her, showing her the instrument they use to measure her feet, and even gave it to her to play with it. She was absolutely fab. Isabelle eventually lets her measure her feet and she measured at 3 1/2 F. Turns out she has bigger feet than Emily's were.

They had quite a few sale shoes, but none of them really suited Isabelle and to be honest, I wasn't really keen on them. I did find her a gorgeous little pair of doodles. They are sparkly and have little bunnies on. They are a brown colour so are fairly neutral and will go with practically everything that she owns. She absolutely loves them as they are sparkly. She isn't so keen on having them on her feet though. Since I bought them for her she has pulled them off and thrown them from her pushchair more times than I can remember. Little troublemaker.

As soon as she is out of the pushchair though, she is trying to walk and loves the stability her new little shoes give her. As you know Emily is a little obsessed with bunnies. She has always loved them, so naturally, she fell in love with Isabelle's little doodles and asked if she could get some in her own size. They do actually have them in her size, but the shop was all sold out, so I'm going to order her a matching pair, as I think doodles are perfect for the summer.

After we picked up Isabelle's shoes, I took the girls to get a Mcdonalds, the time seemed to fly by, as I picked Emily up from preschool at 3.30 and then we went straight into town, they were both pretty grumpy and hungry by the time we were done. They both really enjoyed it, and it meant I didn't have to cook for them when I got it. I love spending days like that, doing stuff with my girls.

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