Isabelle's 1st Birthday Wishlist

Who knew that picking gifts for your child could be so difficult. Isabelle is a pretty easy person to please, she absolutely adores In the Night Garden and Moana, but she isn't to fussed with new toys. She loves all the toys that Emily already has - and has grown out of. This made it near on impossible to find gifts for her that I knew she would love and want to play with. What I ended up doing was buying things for her that I knew she could use with the bits that she already had. I really hope that she loves the bits we picked out for her. 

Most of the gifts I picked for Isabelle were things that go with what Emily has already got - as they are what she has really shown an interest in, but also they will expand her play. Isabelle has a little leapfrog tea set which she loves, and I know this picnic basket will go perfectly with her tea set. I also got Isabelle her very own baby, as she is really showing an interest in playing with Emily's. There is also a lot of conflicts and arguing over the baby dolls - so hopefully this will resolve that. 

I also got her a soft Upsy Daisy, this comes with a few soft accessories such as a mirror and comb. We saw this in TKmaxx and she pulled it off the shelf and immediately became attached to it. I then managed to prise it away from her and hide it when she went down for a nap. I also got her this little car carrier which goes perfectly with the toot toot drivers garage that the girls already have.

Leapfrog Picnic Basket | Tiny Tears Dolls | Vtech Playtime Phonics Bus
In The Night Garden Upsy Daisy And Accessories | Vtech Toot Toot Car Carrier

Isabelle absolutely loves these touchy-feely books. In fact, she is a right little bookworm, which is why I have brought her a few new books. I know that she will love my first words book. It was one of Emily's absolute favourites and aided her speech massively. I also picked up these wooden macaroons which Isabelle will love as she will be able to pull them apart and put them back together. I know this talking Hey Duggee is going to be one of her favourite toys. She loves toys that talk, and anything cuddly is a winner in her eyes.

That's Not My Tiger |Wooden Macarons | First 100 Words
Hei Hei | In the night garden jigsaw | Talking Her Duggee

This beautiful floral rocking horse is Isabelle's main gift from us. WHen I saw it I just fell in love with it. She loves rocking horses so I know that it will be a hit. I also got her this Hape my first train set. Emily already has a wooden train track and Isabelle loves to play it with her, although they don't have very much so they get frustrated with one and another. I know they will both love the xylophone bridge on this one, and it'll be nice for them to be able to attach the two tracks together to create a bigger one. 

Rocking Horse | Happy Birthday Tag | Ball Pit
Hape my first train | Viga animal train

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