Giving Our Balcony A Make Over

While it really bothers Sam and I that we don't have a garden for the girls, we do have a balcony, so they do have some kind of outdoor space, a space that we often use to do messy play or water play. Especially in the summer months, the girls have even had a paddling pool out there - much to my neighbour's disapproval.

The thing is the balcony is concrete and gets lots of suns, which means the floor gets really hot, too hot for the girls to walk on with bare feet. It also means they get quite a bit of a bump if they fall over as there isn't any padding. To provide them with a bit of extra padding while they are out there I have been using old towels, or offcut bits of carpet to create a cushion for them so they can play and I don't have to worry about them burning their feet, or getting huge egg-sized bumps on their heads, but it isn't a practical fix.

Sam and I have been looking into getting artificial grass laid on the balcony, while that sounds really bizarre I have seen many people in our area do this. Most people have gone for the medium thickness as it provides them with a bit of extra padding, it will be softer on their feet, and it will make the balcony seem a little bit more welcoming. I think we are going to follow in their footsteps, as it looks really nice, and will tick all the boxes we have. The only thing we cannot decide on is what style of grass to go with, Sam is pretty happy to go with the budget style one, but I prefer a thicker looking artificial grass, as I think it looks a lot nicer - and as my nan would say, you get what you pay for.

Alongside getting the artificial grass fitted, we have also been looking at getting some hanging baskets and some hanging pots (the kind that hangs off the railing of the balcony). Emily is a little obsessed with planting flowers and growing things at the moment, this would give her the opportunity to grow her own plants, but still, have space to play without tripping over plant pots. We would like a table and chairs out there, but we had to compromise and not have that so the girls can have their sand and water table.

I'd love to hear any advice you may have, if you are planning on getting artificial grass, or if you already have it?

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