CMPA Weaning Diaries [5]

It’s been a while since I did a little update on how Isabelle is allergy/intolerance wise, and to be honest, the reason for that is because it was a bit all over the place. As you may remember if you saw my last CMPA diary update, I had been having a bit of pushback from the GP when it come to getting Isabelle’s repeat prescription. They wanted to reduce the amount she was entitled to massively, and she just isn’t ready for that kind of change. Especially as she doesn’t have a very big appetite and getting her to eat in the first place can be a bit of a challenge at the best of times - unless it’s pasta or cucumber and obviously she can't just live on that.

The dietician appointment went about as well as I thought it would. She wants Isabelle to cut back on her formula, she also spoke about giving her coconut milk instead of formula but for her to drink enough coconut milk to take away the formula I need her to drink 10oz, which is quite a lot and I don’t think that she is going to happily drink that. I’m obviously going to try, and hope that she will take to it, it would be lots easier because I wouldn’t have to fret and worry about her running out of milk and me not having anything to give her. 

The other thing we spoke about was starting Isabelle on the milk ladder. Something that I was really anxious and apprehensive about starting, especially as I know how I of a bad belly milk previously made her, and how long it took for her to be back to normal. The thing is, she might be absolutely fine, but until we try, there is no telling what will happen or what the outcome will be. She might be absolutely fine. It doesn’t make me any less anxious about doing it though. 

The other major thing which I’m pretty happy about is Isabelle has been referred back to the paediatric Doctors to be referred for allergy testing against strawberries. This is one thing that we have to really avoid, more so than dairy as she broke out in hives pretty much straight away and was really poorly after I had given her strawberries. The scary thing about it was she only had a quarter of a strawberry and her reaction was almost instantly. Who would have known how bad it would have been had she had a whole strawberry or two.  

So while it does scare me that we are starting the milk ladder, the reaction cannot be any worse to the one she had to strawberries, and if it is, then I guess I will know that we won’t be progressing with the milk ladder. I do find the whole process really frustrating though when I was weaning Emily I was constantly told not to give her much food and constantly heard the phrase 'food is fun till one'. With Isabelle, its as if they forced food on her as soon as she was old enough to wean, because of the cost of the milk - and I think that's terrible. I do understand that her formula is pricey, but it shouldn't be a reason for them to reduce it without speaking to the parents first. If I'm really honest her formula has been a massive source of anxiety for me, constantly worrying about if I had enough to give her, what would I do if I ran out because I couldn't just pop to the supermarkets to buy some more, so to be honest, I will be glad when she doesn't need it anymore.

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