Isabelle's 11 Month Update

Oh squish - 11 whole months of loving you. We have been in full birthday prep over here, planning Isabelle's birthday. I've got her birthday gifts all brought. I have gift wrap, cards and balloons left to buy. I also have a cake to bake, who knew it would be so hard to find a dairy free cake to buy. I'm so excited to see her face light up when she sees all of her gifts.

Isabelle is still in 9-12 month clothing, although I don't think it will be long until she moves into 12-18 months, as she is very tall for her age. I think we will also be moving up a size nappy as they don't fit very well now. 

Squishbug doesn't seem to stay still for very long either now, she has got very fast at crawling and getting to where she wants to be. She doesn't traditionally crawl, she kind of scoots, shuffles and pulls herself along to where she wants to be, but boy is she fast at doing so. She has also been pulling herself up to standing at the furniture and is constantly attempting to walk along the furniture. It's nice that she is now on the move, but Emily isn't so keen as she is constantly into everything, and playing with Emily's toys.

Isabelle's eyes have always been quite blue, but they seem to be changing to green now, so I'm crossing my fingers that one of my girls has green eyes like me, but I guess only time will tell. She is also a pretty fiery redhead, her hair seems to be more auburn than it is ginger, and as she gets bigger it seems to be darkening down. Everyone comments on her hair colour - no matter where we go, saying it's gorgeous and she looks gorgeous.

She has four teeth, two at the bottom and the two at the top are about halfway through. The top teeth have caused her quite a bit of discomfort meaning she's been very grouchy lately. She constantly blows raspberries at Emily, and if she doesn't get a reaction back she just sits there sticking her tongue out. It's so cute.

Isabelle's speech is very good and is coming along fast, just like her big sister. She can say Em (short for Emily) Sissy, Bath, Bed, Car, Ball, Dadda, Bye and a few more.

Isabelle is still on dairy free formula but we have been giving her a little bit of coconut milk as she seems to be really hungry and wanting milk constantly, we are also going to try introducing the milk ladder really soon - which I am a little bit nervous for but I know she will do amazingly, and if it turns out she still can't have dairy, at least I will know we have tried to reintroduce it. 

We are thinking of moving Isabelle into Emily's room soon, she always crawls in there and loves to play in there. She is currently still in our room as neither of the girls like to sleep and I'm worried they will constantly wake one and another up, I guess time will tell and the only way to find out if they get on ok sleeping in the same room is to try them. 

Isabelle loves to give cuddles, she constantly says 'awwww' and leans in to cuddle you, she is also a real daddy's girl. As soon as Sam walks through the door it's him she wants and she isn't at all interested in anyone else. She just wants her daddy. She calls out for him constantly when he isn't here too.

Her comforter has always been a big aden + anais muslin swaddle - a product I really really rate and recommend, but lately she has been leaving it behind in favour of her bunny. I'm unsure if this is something that will stick and if she will love her bunny just as much as Emily does, only time will tell on that one.

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