Isabelle's 10 Month Update

oh little squish, how are you almost one. They always say when you have your first child - cherish those baby days they go super fast, but honestly. I'm sure the second time around its gone even faster. I seem to have blinked and Isabelle is almost one. One thing is for sure, she is going to be a little handful, I mean she is already bossing her sister around. Isabelle is a very typical redhead, feisty, boisterous and very very stubborn. She already gives Emily the runaround.

Isabelle is still in 9-12 month clothing, and I'm really hoping that she will be for a good few more months, Shes fairly tall but she is rapidly losing her little chubbiness. I'll be sad to see that little tummy go, it's so cute.

She is still a complete daddy's girl. All she ever say's is dadadadada. She hasn't even attempted to say mama yet, although she can say quite a few other words such as hiya, bye, Emi (for Emily), bed, car, go, duggie, la la. Maybe one day, she'll attempt to say mama, but I'm not holding my breath. To be really honest, Emily was the same, she could say it, but had no interest in saying it. She would just point at me if she wanted me. Way to make me feel loved girls?!

Physically Isabelle is fairly lazy. She has no interest in crawling the traditional way, she gets to where she wants to be by shuffling or spinning, or just pulling herself along. Failing that she just shouts at Emily to get whatever it is that she wants. She is pulling herself up to standing though, and attempting to walk - maybe we will just skip the whole crawling business.

We are still dairy free. We are scheduled to see the dietician next month, and I'm a little bit terrified as I know she is going to suggest trying the milk ladder - while I know it's the next step, I really don't want to go back to the days of constantly screaming, crying and the sleepless nights all for the sake of her having dairy in her diet. Being dairy free has been a bit of an adjustment, but it's one that we are fine with. It's become our new normal. I'm sure I will be writing all about my thoughts and feelings regarding that in our CMPA weaning diaries if you want to read more about that.

Emily taught Isabelle to stick her tongue out, so naturally, whenever she sees someone new, or someone comments on how cute she is, she sticks her tongue out and then starts to giggle. It's really cute. The two of them spend good chunks of time, looking at each other, sticking their tongues out and then laughing. Not just any laughs but really belly laughs.

Isabelle has started to want to play with more of Emily's toys now, and less of the 'babyish' toys. She absolutely loves playing in the kitchen and making everyone tea with the little teapot. She is also constantly giving anyone who will take one biscuit and cakes - I'm sure she is going to be a foodie when she is older.

The other thing Isabelle is doing lately, which I am absolutely loving is picking all her toys up and putting them away back into the baskets where they are meant to go. I remember Emily going through this stage. She absolutely loved to put everything away, although I'm sad to say it didn't last that long - even now she hates tidying up after herself.

Isabelle has a real love for the television, we always tend to have it on in the background, and it never normally bothers her - except when In the night garden or hey duggee comes on. They are her two favourite programs. Although, we now have a new contender. Isabelle is absolutely obsessed with Moana, she loves Hei Hei, and calls out for him constantly. She also dances along to the songs, and cries when it is finished. We have picked up a few Moana gifts for her for her birthday, which I know she will love.

The wooden tea set and cakes
In the night garden

When Emily is in preschool - she cried for her and calls her name for most of the time she is gone.
Being on her own, she hates if you leave her in a room alone even for the smallest amount of time.

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