Family Memories, and Quitting Smoking

Growing up, I watched my grandad smoke, a habit I absolutely hated, and something that I knew I would never do, ever. I stuck to it too, I can happily say, I have never touched a cigarette in my life, and I think that is purely down to watching how hard it was for my grandad to quit. When he finally decided that he no longer wanted to smoke, he wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it was. I remember him constantly chewing gum to try and distract him and kick the habit. I'm proud to say that he managed to do it.

I do have a really funny memory though, from a time when my grandad did smoke. When my cousins used to come and stay, we used to take my granddad tobacco and hide it, which was normally not a problem because he would find it, or he'd ask us and we'd give it back, and there wouldn't be any problems. We used to hide it because we didn't like him smoking, well one time we decided that we would hide the tobacco outside on my grandma's balcony. She used to have these hanging baskets, so we took the plants out, put it at the bottom and put the plants back - thinking brilliant he will never find it. 

We carried on playing, he started looking for it and we didn't mention it, next thing we knew my grandma was out on the balcony watering her plants. I remember having this sinking feeling, scared to say anything because we didn't want to get in trouble. I blurted it out and by the time my grandad got it out the pot, it was wet through. Safe to say he wasn't happy with us at the time, but it's a funny story to retell.

When I got with Sam, we started spending more time with his family and I realised that his nan smokes too, so it was to no surprise that Sam's brother ended up smoking. While we were there we got talking about it, I can't remember how it came up, but it did, and he told me he was thinking of quitting, but just didn't have the willpower. 

Then he started talking about using a vape to try and quit. Honestly, I've never really looked into them but you can get vape kits and lots of various flavoured E-liquids. After looking into it I found out that the vapour doesn't contain tar, or carbon monoxide making it much better for you than normal cigarettes. So I'm hoping that they help him kick the habit.

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