Emily's First Day At Preschool

Oh Emily. How have we got to this day already, today was your first day at preschool. A day that I've been dreading and you've been excited about. I've never hidden the fact that I find it really hard to leave you, I hate it, and it makes me anxious and worried and gives me knots in my stomach. It's something I've been determained never to pass onto you, something that I never want you to have to experience or notice. I guess when you're bigger, and a parent yourself you will understand to some extent, but at the moment I'm sure you just think I'm embarrassing.

Today we did it though. You were so excited and have been talking about going to preschool for weeks, asking if you can take a bag, well if you could buy a new bag with your name on - which we did. Although it's due to be delivered today, so we didn't actually get a chance to use it. I have honestly only seen you this excited once before, and that was when I was pregnant with your baby sister. On the way to preschool, you seemed a little nervous, you asked me about ten times if I was coming back, what time I was coming back, and just checking that I wouldn't forget - which I never would. You were so excited that you could wear your own backpack, and run through the blossom trees on the way to preschool. I can't believe how grown up you look.

Today, you rocked it and I'm so incredibly proud of you. you walked in full of excitement and a plan to paint me a picture, and play doctors. When we first walked through the door you did look a little nervous, but as soon as I reassured you that I was coming back, your face beamed with the biggest smile, and you walked in, happy as can be, saw the paints and went running over to paint me a picture. We also took bunny along with us, and before I left I popped him in your bag incase you needed him, I wonder if you went in the bag for him or not.

Me on the other hand, I didn't do so good, you wouldn't know that though because I managed to hold it together until I was outside, but once I was outside, I burst into tears. Sounds kind of silly, and no doubt if you would have seen me you'd have said - don't worry mama, it's ok - because that is just the type of person you are. I managed to pull myself together though, and rang your preschool half hour later just to check and see if you were doing ok, and they said you were doing amazing. Not fussed by the fact I wasn't there, happy playing doctors and was currently playing outside. I knew you'd be amazing, but just hearing that you were doing ok, doing better than I was made me incredibly proud.

Isabelle isn't doing so well either, since we got home she has been crying for you, constantly saying 'Em Em Em' and looking around for you. I think she misses someone to play with. I love how close the two of you are but I hate seeing her so sad and missing you.

You've turned into one of the kindest, most beautiful little girls. I couldn't have hoped for anything more than you. Sure you have your moments and tantrums like most children, but overall you're amazing, your fiercely independent, and stubborn, but you have the most beautiful smile. The kindest heart and you are incredibly caring, ok I may be a little biased as your my daughter but who cares, I'm just so proud.

I'm about to head out to collect you now, I can't wait to hear all about your day and how you got on. I'm sure you had the best time, Isabelle can't wait to see you either. We even got you a little present and some doughnuts - your favourite thing in the whole world.

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