Finding My Way Back

I can't believe that I have gone so long without checking in - not that anyone would notice that I haven't, but that isn't the point. The truth is, I've been quiet on my favourite social media account too (instagram encase you were wondering), I seem to have just fallen out of love with everything online. Blogging for me always used to be something I enjoyed, it wasn't about other people, readers or views. It was an outlet for me, a safe space to blurt out everything that I needed to, but somewhere along the line, things have changed. There is this unwavering pressure to be a certain way or post a certain thing. All of a sudden there is so much more judgment floating around, whatever happened to 'if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all'. I found myself becoming incresinly frustrated, and feeling even more lost than I've ever felt, kind of like I had lost my voice.

Miffy Outfit

If you are a long-standing reader of my blog, you will know that both of my girls are a little bit obsessed with Miffy, we have all the books and lots of Miffy toys. When we were given the opportunity to review this beautiful outfit I knew that it would look adorable on Isabelle - and I wasn't wrong.

Isabelle's 10 Month Update

oh little squish, how are you almost one. They always say when you have your first child - cherish those baby days they go super fast, but honestly. I'm sure the second time around its gone even faster. I seem to have blinked and Isabelle is almost one. One thing is for sure, she is going to be a little handful, I mean she is already bossing her sister around. Isabelle is a very typical redhead, feisty, boisterous and very very stubborn. She already gives Emily the runaround.

Emily's First Day At Preschool

Oh Emily. How have we got to this day already, today was your first day at preschool. A day that I've been dreading and you've been excited about. I've never hidden the fact that I find it really hard to leave you, I hate it, and it makes me anxious and worried and gives me knots in my stomach. It's something I've been determained never to pass onto you, something that I never want you to have to experience or notice. I guess when you're bigger, and a parent yourself you will understand to some extent, but at the moment I'm sure you just think I'm embarrassing.

Family Memories, and Quitting Smoking

Growing up, I watched my grandad smoke, a habit I absolutely hated, and something that I knew I would never do, ever. I stuck to it too, I can happily say, I have never touched a cigarette in my life, and I think that is purely down to watching how hard it was for my grandad to quit. When he finally decided that he no longer wanted to smoke, he wasn't expecting it to be as hard as it was. I remember him constantly chewing gum to try and distract him and kick the habit. I'm proud to say that he managed to do it.

Siblings [April 2018]

Every month when I sit down to write these, I just end up staring in awe of how big you both have got, and how amazing your bond is. I always wanted a little girl, and I was lucky enough to end up with two, not just two, but two who are absolutely adorable together and the best of friends, and that couldn't make me any happier if I tried. You do have your moment of jealousy, but overall you two are pretty inseparable. 
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