Siblings [March 2018]

Oh, March, what a funny old month you have been. I'm so used to having lovely weather in March, with the start of spring and being able to watch all of the daffodils bloom - but our spring started off with snow. I can't quite believe it to be honest. I don't think I've ever started spring this way. Emily and Isabelle absolutely loved the snow, Emily is still convinced that it is Elsa who makes it snow, and Isabelle was just mesmerised by watching it fall, naturally, they went outside to build a snowman and play with their sleigh. 

With Easter approaching and the lighter evening weather, I wanted to get some pictures of the girls with their much-loved bunny ears. When I bought these, I didn't actually think that Isabelle would keep them on, I thought she would pull them off and discard them in seconds, but to my surprise, she actually kept them on, and didn't bother pulling at them once. 

This month has been a little testing, to be honest, both the girls came down poorly, and I spent most of the month taking care of them, which is fine but I wished someone warned me that when you had two children a bug just goes round and round in circles. It took us ages to get rid of it. We did get out quite a bit when the girls were better though, we went to soft play, and spent some time with family that we don't get to see very often which was really nice.

It was also Isabelle's first Easter, and she loved it. We did buy her a little bit of chocolate and she really enjoyed that, I have to say though, she enjoyed the packaging way more than the actual chocolate. I also put together an Easter basket for the girls, which they both really enjoyed. Isabelle has a new found love for bubbles. They have fast become her favourite thing - just like her big sister. We also made some Easter bonnets. Emily insisted on making one for Isabelle even though she is tiny, and I'm really glad that we did make her one, as she looked adorable.

The differences between the girl's personalities are really starting to show now. Emily has always been quite confident and full of herself, that aside she is pretty sensitive and gets upset very easily, especially if someone she cares about is hurt or upset. Isabelle seems to be a massive trigger for Emily's upset, which has been a little bit of a learning curve. Emily wants to be with her 24/7, she doesn't really give her any space to do her own thing, or leave her alone for more than two seconds which I can imagine is very annoying for Isabelle and while she does love her sister, it's clear to see that she does. She also gets very frustrated. A couple of days ago she was happily playing in her jumperoo and Emily came up to her, was talking to her constantly and getting in her face, twice Isabelle pushed her away and I also told Emily to leave her but she didn't. Isabelle finally had enough and just headbutted Emily. Emily burst into tears, Isabelle wasn't fussed at all by the fact she now has a big red mark on her head - clearly, it didn't hurt her at all. Safe to say I am going to have my hands full with these two when they are older.

Isabelle is starting to like all of the programs that Emily once loved, which has made Sam and I feel like we have gone completely backwards. Her favourite is currently mickey mouse clubhouse, or hey duggee. Emily is struggling slightly to adjust to the fact Isabelle is now on the move and wants to play with all the things that Emily has, meaning she has had to learn to share, something that she really isn't happy about, but she is slowly getting there and we are having to tell her less which is good. The other thing that has been a bit of an adjustment for her, is picking up all of her little toys, for as long as I can remember Emily has been obsessed with collecting little toys, blind bags, anything she can collect she wants to and absolutely loves to do. I don't honestly mind as she loves to play with them, but Isabelle loves to put everything in her mouth, so I'm having to constantly check she hasn't picked anything up she shouldn't have. 

The girlies are still best of friends, completely inseparable and I really hope that their relationship just continues to grow as she gets older. Sorry this months post is quite picture heavy, but I couldn't narrow it down anymore as all the pictures I took were just to adorable not to share.

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