Paddling Pool Splashing

Yesterday was the hottest day of the year, naturally, I had to get out the paddling pool for the girls. Isabelle hasn't actually ever seen the sun or warm weather like this, even though she is a summer baby - it really did feel like we had the LONGEST winter known to man. Emily couldn't wait to get outside to play, I had actually cleaned out the sand and water table the week before in preparation for her being able to play out there. So it took me a matter of minutes to fill it all up.

The girls took Emily's Teletubbies and dinosaur figures outside, lots of stackable cups with holes in the bottom, and some other random bits and bobs. They honestly ended up being outside for about an hour. I did have to keep topping up the paddling pool with warm water, even though it was hot I didn't want Isabelle to get cold. Emily taught Isabelle to splash, something that she has never done before not even in the bath, and I was quite glad she didn't know how. Which meant as soon as I put Isabelle in the bath the next day, she was splashing straight away. My poor bathroom got soaked.

The girls had the best time, and it was so lovely to see them bonding, and playing happily in the sunshine. I'm really hoping we have lots more sunshine coming our way, but I thought that I'd share some pictures from yesterday.

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