Isabelle's 9 Month Update

Nine months old, just three short months until your first birthday, how have we got there so fast. When I was pregnant with Emily everyone said to make the most of the days where they are young, soak them up as they go by so fast. I sort of shrugged that off and thought how can days possibly go faster, but it's true they did - yet this time around, it seems to have gone even faster. I'm not sure if that is because I have two babies to take care of now, or what it is, but I seemed to have blinked and my diddy little girl is suddenly so big, and boisterous.

Isabelle is still a complete daddy's girl, as soon as Sam is home no one else gets a look in. I love that they do have such a strong bond, and I know that Sam did worry once he went back off paternity that Isabelle would forget him and become a bit more of a mummy's girl, which is exactly what happened with Emily. She never used to settle for Sam as a baby, and always took comfort from me, which I know did upset him a little even if he never admitted it. I'm glad that he gets to experience it with Isabelle though, as she is our last baby, so the chance won't ever come around again.

We have moved up a size in clothing to 9-12 months, well I say we have but we haven't really the poor wardrobe is bursting full of a mixture of two sizes, she seems to have grown out of some stuff in 6-9 months but not all of it. For example vest, and leggings seem to be getting too short, but dresses fit perfectly. So at the moment, the wardrobe is a mixture of all different sizes while I try my best to get the use out of the smaller things before its too small.

We are still following a dairy free diet with Isabelle due to CMPA, although I have spoken to the dietican about prehaps introducting the milk ladder to isabelle soon. While it is something that I have a lot of mixed opinons about, I know that it is for the best, and we need to try again with dairy at some point - here is to hoping that she is able to tolerate it a little bit better. You can keep up to date with our weaning journey here.

Isabelle is on the move, finally, I feel like she was a lot slower than Emily was, the thing is we have no idea how she gets from A to B. We leave her somewhere come back and she is somewhere completely different. She doesn't really crawl when we are in the room, and if Emily is about and she can't reach something she usually shouts her big sister to get it for her - lazy little madam. I have noticed she bum shuffles/ scoots along rather than crawling.

Isabelle has dropped down to one-day time nap, and she naps at about 1ish, and usually, her nap is an hour and a half long. Sleeping through the night just doesn't happen. She is absolutely miserable, really unhappy and hates her cot. I'm not sure why, I did wonder if it was because it was so big, but now I'm not really sure what is going on with her. She wakes up every hour and takes a while to go back off to sleep. She is also drinking lots more milk through the night than she used to and doesn't eat very much during the day - which I think is partly to blame.

Isabelle has been waving on comand for a little while now, she always waves when you say hi, or hiya, but gets a little confused when you try to get her to wave goodbye. I think she just thinks it's silly and your not really meant to do it. She also gives you high five, and if she has a toy and you say 'ta' she will give it to you.

Her pincer grip is amazing, she can pick up the tiniest things and uses her left hand more than she uses her right.

In the night garden seems to be isabelle's favourite show at the moment, she absolutely loves upsy daisy. I feel like we have gone full circle as Emily was exactly the same. We are actually going to see in the night garden live in the summer - just after Isabelle's first birthday and I know she is going to absolutely love it. Emily did. On a side note, if you are considering going to see in the night garden live, there is a little voucher in my side bar.

We have two bottom teeth at the moment - I'm sure that the top two are on there way as her cheeks are always bright red and she is constantly chewing on everything. She loves her bo bunny teether and her matchstick monkey. They are definately firm favourites.

Isabelle has now moved into our cot, but we decided to put the cot in our room, just as the girls really keep each other awake and they both wake up enough during the night as it is, it's just not worth moving them in togther yet. I have heard that the best time to move them into the same room is when Isabelle is about 1 years. Luckily Emily doesn't start school this year, so we have a while to get them to adjust and settle before she heads off to school.

Toot Toot vehicles
In The Night Garden
Bath time

Bedtime - well just sleeping
Being on her own.

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